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Athens-Clarke County, Georgia Injury Lawyer

Practice Area photoHome to various universities, and the Ben Epps Airport, Athens Clarke Country serves as a junction for major US highways including 29, 78, 129, and 441.

With a plethora of drivers and their vehicles traversing the roads of Athens Clarke County, its residents are not immune to traffic accidents. In 2017 alone, a total of 10 fatal accidents were reported in the county.

Accidents on the road can range from minor to major, resulting in cuts and scratches or life threatening injuries, inducing physiological and psychological harm. This leads to rising medical and financial expenses taking an additional toll on the victim. When pursuing legal action in such cases, it is advisable to procure the services of an experienced personal injury attorney, as a lack of proper representation can benefit at-fault drivers, with them wriggling out of fulfilling their obligations.

Such situations necessitate an experienced attorney’s services to ensure those responsible for the suffering, payback the rightful compensation.

With over $50million recovered for their clients, Scholle Law has been playing the field with expertise for decades. With vast experience in specialized areas such as auto, motorcycle, truck, and wrongful death incidents – Scholle Law offers free consultation, handles cases with focus, and produces prolific results.

If you have been a victim and wish to legally resolve your claims, set up a free consultation today at 866-972-5287 or 770-717-5100.

Here are a some legal areas we specialize in: 

      Athens Clarke County Auto Accident Attorney

With an 8.8% increase in the number of people frequenting the surrounding highways since 2010, residents should practice extra care when traveling to and fro on these high-speed prone roads; in 2017 alone, 8 vehicles were involved in fatal accidents.

Accidents and injuries attained due to the negligence of others can be dramatically life-altering while serious injuries such as those impacting the spinal column or brain can influence your remaining years.  When pursuing a legal claim, presenting proof of negligence is most important. Professional and specialized attorneys can help ease your mind by providing the support and assistance you need mentally, in regards to your case while you focus on recovering physically.

Scholle Law has helped reimburse the rightful compensation for auto accident clients. Thanks to the years of experience of Charles Scholle, victims can cope with the trauma in peace without worrying about their finances. If you wish to discuss the details of your, or a loved one’s case - call Scholle Law for a confidential and free consultation.

      Athens Clarke County Motorcycle Accident Attorney    

Motorcyclists are at a serious disadvantage when driving on highways among cars and trucks of all size. While some states have begun to enforce safety laws for cyclists, shared responsibility is yet to be widely practiced. The State of Georgia has also passed laws to help decrease the negligence that results in at least 2 percent of overall crash fatalities to take place in Athens Clarke County.

With no extra cushioning to absorb the crash unlike in a car, motorcycle accidents on high-speed roads, and those that run through major infrastructures have a higher possibility of being fatal. If not death, injuries sustained can lead to paralysis, Locked-in syndrome, amputations, and long-term comas.

Such crashes stack up medical bills and expenses. If the carelessness of a driver has become a financial problem for you, or you wish to receive answers regarding legal claims, contact a seasoned attorney at Scholle Law.

With over $1,550,000 recovered in motorcycle accidents for clients, Charles Scholle and his team of the most experienced motorcycle accident attorneys in Athens Clarke County will ensure you receive a befitting compensation.

      Athens Clarke County Truck Accident Attorney

Accidents involving commercial vehicles have surged in the last 2 decades, with more and more motorists becoming the one person injured in truck accidents every sixteen minutes. When seeking justice in such cases, time is of the essence and may slip away if lacking proper legal representation.

Companies associated with these truck drivers may try to low ball victims out of proper settlements by approaching them or their family right after the incident, when they are most vulnerable and apt to make ill-informed decisions.

Scholle Law has recovered a significant amount of $2,050,000 in compensations, for clients involved in commercial vehicle accidents. Our qualified and competent attorneys assess your injuries, visit the accident site, and even talk to those who witnessed the collision to ensure all possible evidence is at hand.

Contact the expert truck accident attorneys at Scholle Law now for a free assessment of your case. Furthermore, don’t worry about paying a dime in fees till you receive the compensation and justice you deserve!

      Athens Clarke County Wrongful Death Attorney

Wrongful death may be caused by negligence or malice, causing emotional pain to the family members. Any wrongful death is a shocking event and for dependents of the deceased, can be an emotionally and financially crippling event.

While it is impossible to placate the family of the wrongfully lost through monetary reimbursements, fighting for the truth and justice can help the grieving process while the compensation gained can bolster the dependents of the deceased. Scholle Law has successfully recovered up to $4,300,000 in compensation for family members of wrongful deaths victims in Georgia.

Representation from an experienced wrongful death attorney strengthens your case, guaranteeing you receive the justice your family deserves. If the loss of a loved one has cost you incalculably, contact Scholle Law for free legal consultation and get a valuable ally by your side in your pursuit for justice.
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I have had a great experience with Scholle Law. Since day one I was treated like family and everyone was very professional. Cherie
Charles Scholle is trustworthy. He is a man of his word. He has a heart of compassion, which is needed during a time of hardship and trauma. Joseph
My experience with Scholle Law was very positive. The people I dealt with were very forthcoming with information. They were always available when I had questions. They worked hard for me. Tabatha
Scholle Law was great. Staff was excellent, above and beyond - always! Enjoyed working together, I always felt informed. Michele
I was hit by a tractor trailer and Scholle Law was fantastic about finding me treatment. They were readily available with any questions, concerns and worked in my best interests. I have referred friends and family. Ten Stars for communication, responsiveness, quality of service and value! Five is not enough!! Sarah