The 10 Most Dangerous Toys for 2016

pexels-photo-93009-300x200This is the time of year when children are excited and parents are overwhelmed. We take time to think about what to get for the little ones for the holidays. And as they are older, they might get what they told Santa they want. Sometimes parents have to just figure it all out somehow. No matter which holiday your family celebrates during this season, children’s gifts are likely to be a part of this wonderful time of year. Although we all try to consider the potential hazards in the toys we bring home for our kids or those given to them by friends or relatives, we might not know the particulars of every toy. That is when Boston’s World Against Toys Causing Harm (WATCH) list becomes very helpful. Each year they inform the public of their view of the most dangerous toys out there. The list is published in several media outlets and can be viewed by clicking on the link above.

WATCH notes that there are many toys that are not on their list that could be hazardous to children at certain ages. They choose to publicize those toys that fail in their view to provide warnings, or adequate warnings, about potential dangers. The toys on the list include choking hazards, suffocation hazards and others.

Toy makers have said in response that toys sold in America are required to pass safety review. But we do know that although toys can seem safe, they can also be subject to recall. A current list of recalled toys can be found at the Consumer Product Safety Commission. These toys should not be found on shelves at this point since they have been recalled. However, sometimes parents might inadvertently buy a toy at a garage sale or hand-me-down, that has been recalled and they don’t know it. Checking the CPSC site for your toys is a good safety measure. This past year, Toys ‘R’ Us recalled pacifier clips for a choking hazard, Dazzling Toys recalled a chicken toy that also presented a choking hazard. Alex Toys recalled an infant building play set for the same hazard. Auldey Toys recalled its Sky Rover toys due to fire hazard and Flying Tiger Copenhagen recalled wooden toys also due to choking hazards.

It is also important that parents check the age range noted for a toy. This is helpful in determining whether a toy is appropriate for the age of the child that is to receive the gift. Keep your kids safe this holiday season and make sure the toy you are buying is not involved in a recall or safety concern.

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