Airbag Woes Continue for Takata

airbagWe have posted in the recent past about the wide-spread knowledge on the part of Volkswagen leadership regarding its rigged diesel car emissions. VW is paying a huge price for this fraud on the global consumer. We have also posted about General Motors’ knowledge of safety issues with its faulty ignition switches resulting in serious and fatal injuries around the country and in Georgia. American car buyers and car owners are rightfully concerned about the safety of the cars they buy. This confidence is undermined when the headlines continue to be full of admissions of both wrongdoing and hiding key information and when safety is front and center to these admissions.

Now it is Takata Corporation’s turn. The airbag maker has been under scrutiny for a long while now for the injuries and deaths occurring after airbags explode with shrapnel inside them. The safety failures have resulted in the biggest recall of airbags, ever. We are learning now that Takata too has hidden information from the public. This has been determined after an audit sought by Takata and Honda. Turns out that the audit reveals that Takata engineers knew that their airbags were at times failing tests for their proper performance, but failed to do anything about it.

Honda is no longer installing Takata airbags in its vehicles, and it is considering whether to add vehicles to its current recall. A Florida woman was catastrophically injured when her Honda airbag inflated and spread shrapnel in her vehicle. It was during discovery in that case that the manipulation of test results became more clear. She was injured when her airbag inflated after a low rate of speed accident. She should have been able to walk away from the accident, instead she can no longer walk at all. The case was settled last month after Takata’s ceo was called to testify. Her case is just one of about 100 injury incidents and about 15 deaths attributed to the faulty airbags.

Although the company has expressed its apologies to the public and its customers for the defects, it may not be enough to save the company. Although Takata is looking for a partner or a buyer to take over its operations, the future of the largest airbag manufacturer in the world is currently not clear.

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