Atlanta Truck Accident Fatality Update

As a supplement to our previous post concerning a tragic Atlanta auto accident fatality at the intersection of MLK Drive and Westlake Boulevard, we want to report received a call from a witness to the wreck who did not want to be identified. This witness claimed that the accident was “100% the fault of the truck driver.” The witness claimed that the truck turned into the oncoming path of the Toyota. She claimed that she stayed for more than an hour after the accident but that the police would not talk to her.

With auto accidents involving a wrongful death in Georgia, state authorities routinely perform a SCRT Team investigation. The SCRT Team is a specially-trained group from the Georgia State Patrol which conducts a very thorough forensic evaluation, taking measurements, auto damage assessments and witness interviews. I recently learned, however. that the SCRT Team is not always called in. I am the attorney in a pedestrian fatality in Gwinnett County where no SCRTinvestigation was done. Evidently, there is some discretion by local law enforcement.

Hopefully, there will be further investigation in this case so that the conflicting accounts by witnesses are reconciled and the true facts are ascertained.

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