Safety Concerns for Kids and Trampoline Parks

Over the past several years, the Atlanta area has seen an increase in trampoline parks. At first glance, these indoor parks are especially fun for kids and teens. But as the popularity of these parks grow, there is an alarming statistic that is also increasing — that is, visits to the emergency room after a trampoline park injury. A recent Scientific American study suggests that the parks are not more dangerous than home trampolines, but the number of people using these parks has increased along with the number of injuries. And the way they are set up might increase the likelihood of injury and unfortunately for the business might result in a premise liability.

Atlanta and Georgia residents might recall a Fulton County trampoline park injury sustained by a child who went through many surgeries after his injury. Another very well known situation is the tragic incident several years ago in which a youth football coach was paralyzed from his shoulders down after a Georgia trampoline park injury. Jonathan Magwood’s injury resulted in legislation being introduced that would have added regulation and permit requirements for these parks. The legislation did not go very far and was not passed by the Georgia legislature. Mr. Magwood sued the park at which his injury was sustained.