Cherokee County Woman Loses Life In Single Car Accident

Thumbnail image for candles .jpgAs we near the holidays, I want to stress what all readers know is critically important at this time of year. We hurry about getting to work, shopping and family events — we want to be on time and beat the crowds. But being in a hurry can lead to terrible consequences and no joy during the holidays. As an Atlanta car injury lawyer, I know the holidays often involve fatigue and stress. Please think about this when you are driving these next few weeks and throughout the year.

Earlier this week, a Woodstock woman lost her life when the SUV she was driving slammed into a tree. There were no other vehicles involved in this tragic accident.

The accident is under investigation. We do not know the cause of the accident — but speed and alcohol are both suspected. some other problem. The woman’s son, an adult was a passenger in the vehicle and was taken to the hospital.

There is no greater tragedy than an accident that could have been avoided. If you are driving impaired or distracted you are a much higher risk at losing your own life and endangering the life of others in your vehicle. In this case, the other person was the deceased’s son. How terrible for the entire family to have this tragedy unfold at this time. Our hearts and prayers go out to them.

In recent studies performed in conjunction with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) the leading contributing factors for single vehicle crashes were speeding that resulted in a control loss, inattention (distracted driving) and alcohol or drugs. Other factors can also play a role in the severity of a single vehicle crash. Poor road conditions due to maintenance or weather can also be factors.

There is hope that lane departures and other potential crash hazards will be minimized by the use of technology in motor vehicles. Many technologies are already in place to avoid rear-end collisions and blind spot collisions. Lane departures or road departures are avoidable as long as the driver is also paying attention to the warnings provided by these devices. It will take some time before these devices are operating in a majority of vehicles. It is believed that many crashes will be avoided when they are operative.

Think about slowing down and if you are drinking at holiday parties, call a cab or get a designated driver to take you home. Do not drink and drive. My sincere hope is that during the holidays all in our Atlanta community and throughout Georgia drive safely and carefully.

If you or a loved one have been injured by a drunk or distracted driver, please contact me personally at The Law Offices of P. Charles Scholle, P.C. I will evaluate your situation and provide an assessment of your case. Do not struggle on your own. I can help you and your family through the strain and stress of an accident.

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