Children Injured at LaGrange School

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for iStock_000016030629XSmall.jpgIn recent years, there have been warnings and alerts about inflatables for kids, including those used at private parties and events. Inflatable houses where kids are able to bounce and jump, are among the more problematic in terms of rate of injury. Injuries from these inflatables has increased greatly over the past decade. We have noted this for parents in prior posts, these devices can seem like the most fun and entertain children endlessly, but sometimes they can be quite dangerous.

This past week, kids having fun at their school north of metro Atlanta experienced a very frightening event. Reports indicate that a large slide that was inflated, fell on its side and injured many children. The dangers of inflatables is something that I have been following because I have young children and I represent parents and kids in my work as an Atlanta children’s injury lawyer.

The kids at the school were actually enjoying a special day that was related to their reading program. They were celebrating learning, when the accident caused several of them to fall from quite a distance as the slide was over 20 feet tall. Two of the students had to be taken by air to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. A number of other kids went to the hospital in emergency response vehicles and still others were taken care of right at the school. Thankfully, many of the kids taken to facilities have already been able to return home.

The faculty and administration at the school do not know the cause of the slide’s failure. It is likely that this will be determined in the very near future.

Various experts have warned of the dangers of inflatable devices for kids. The American Academy of Pediatrics published a study in 2010 that centered on the increased injury rate involved in this activity. The study concluded that due to the increase in kids’ injuries in the use of these devices, more information was needed to guide those installing and using these devices to ensure safety. The study was based on statistics from the National Electronic Injury Surveillance System and analyzed by the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

The use of these devices remains a concern for parents and schools. We hope that if you decide to use and inflatable for your kids next party or for a community event, that great precaution be used to ensure proper installation and proper use by our precious kids. We hope that all the children involved in this frightening event get well soon.

We love our kids and we want to keep them safe. But if injury happens, families need support. For over two decades, I have helped kids and families get through the most difficult times in their lives after they have been injured. Please contact me personally at my law offices for a free consultation with regard to accident or injury.

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