Cobb County Single Vehicle Crash Ends Tragically

1175023_magnolia.jpgThe recent report of single vehicle accident in Cobb County is very sad indeed. Three children are left without their parents due to an accident that is still under investigation. What we do know is that two people — the parents of the children — lost their lives in this crash. As a Cobb County car accident lawyer, I want to advise readers that the police would like any information that is known about this accident. They are asking the public for help. Our prayers go out to the family of this couple and especially for their children.

According to reports, the police currently know that the vehicle was driven by a Cobb County man and his wife was a passenger. The 2012 Ford F-150, a pick up truck, was traveling in a westbound direction on Paper Mill Road. The posted speed limit at this location is 35 mph. It is believed that the vehicle was traveling in excess of this speed when it departed from the road at a curve. The vehicle reportedly hit a large tree and after that, a second tree and overturned and finally hit a third tree. The couple lived close to the scene of the accident.

We have often cautioned drivers about road departure accidents and the dangers involved in striking objects such as guard rails and trees as happened in this crash. Speed is often a factor in this type of accident, although we are not certain that it was here.

When you are driving a larger vehicle with a center of gravity that is not low, such as a pick up truck, it is even more important to maintain proper and posted speeds. There is a reason that speed limits are set for certain circumstances. You might think you know your vehicle or what it is capable of doing, but it is unwise to risk that by exceeding the posted speed.

In the past several years, studies have been performed to develop technologies that would warn drivers when they are about to travel off the road. In a collaboration between the University of Michigan Transportation Institute and the United States Department of Transportation, a road departure crash warning system has been studied and evaluated. Road departure crashes cause about 15,000 fatalities every year in America. The “project developed, validated, and field-tested a set of technologies intended to warn drivers in real time when the driver was drifting from their lane, and a curve-speed warning system designed to provide alerts to help driver slow down when approaching a curve too fast to safely negotiate the curve.”

We hope these technologies will soon be available to save lives and help avoid the type of tragic accident that just occurred in Cobb County.

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