DeKalb County Car Crash Kills Two

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for 1175023_magnolia.jpgThe month of March has begun with a fatal crash reported by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution in DeKalb County. A crash of unknown causes, with speed suspected as a factor has taken the lives of two people after their vehicle apparently ended up out of control and rolling over. As a result of this fatal crash, the eastbound direction of Georgia 78 was shut down completely for several hours. In addition, some westbound lanes also needed to be blocked for the investigation and debris removal of this tragic end of two lives. After the vehicle lost control and flipped over, having crossed lanes of traffic, it hit an SUV at some point during this event. The investigation and perhaps witness interviews will help piece together what caused the car to lose control, hit a guardrail and then travel across lanes. Thankfully, the driver of the SUV was not harmed in this accident.

In this accident, reports indicate that the vehicle hit the guard wire or guardrail on the road’s shoulder and that the passenger was ejected from the vehicle at that time. Often passengers are ejected when they are not wearing a seatbelt which could have been the case in this incident. The impact of a speeding vehicle hitting a guardrail has been studied by experts and it is often a fatal combination. Guardrails are intended to keep vehicles from exiting the road and hopefully keeping them from rolling over. But when a vehicle loses control and hits a guardrail, the impact may also end up becoming a hazard in and of itself. And there are many accident reconstruction experts that spend their careers studying the design and safety of guardrails.

Statistics show that larger vehicles are actually more likely to roll over after impacting a guard rail. Such major agencies as the Federal Highway Administration and others have been taking a look at the way particular types of vehicles respond on impacting a guardrail. In addition, thousands of drivers and passengers are fatally injured in roll over crashes in the United States and some of these involve the vehicle hitting a guardrail at some point in the crash event. Several thousand fatal crashes and those involving serious injuries are the result of guardrail collisions. The national increase of higher profile vehicles over the past decades, such as small trucks and SUV’s represent about fifteen percent of all fatal guardrail crashes and apparently have a higher likelihood of impacting a guardrail due to that higher profile.

Other agencies and educational institutions are studying these concerns through the use of high tech and trying to come up with a way to make guardrails safer. But there is nothing the researchers and experts can do if a driver is driving too fast or under the influence or is pushed into the guardrail by another vehicle for various reasons.

Every time we get in our vehicles and get on Georgia’s roads and highways, we are aware that buckling up and concentrating while driving are vital to our safety. But more and more we see distracted drivers, speeding vehicles and other dangerous practices on our roads. If you have been injured in a motor vehicle crash, the cause may be due to the negligence or recklessness of another driver. Get the help you need by contacting me personally at my law firm for a free consultation regarding your injuries and the accident in which you were injured. I can help you and your family sort out the many intricate issues that arise after such an event.

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