Duluth Driver Killed in Ice-Related Wreck

This has been a difficult winter for Georgia. Unusually low temperatures and roads closed due to ice have kept many people at home for the past week. For those who were unlucky enough to have braved the icy streets, accident rates have soared. In fact, I just learned that a driver was killed yesterday in a Gwinnett County car accident on Breckinridge Boulevard, only a mile from my office in Duluth.

According to police, a northbound Saturn struck the rear of a Toyota, then a light pole. The police believe the icy roads contributed to the Duluth crash. It’s easy to see how that could have happened; rear-end collisions are common on icy or otherwise slippery streets. After all, brakes can only work so well when you’re sliding.

Unfortunately, Carlos Rodriguez, the driver of the Saturn that apparently slipped on the ice, died at the scene of the crash. Fortunately, the Toyota driver was unharmed.

My condolences go out to Rodriguez’s family. Let’s all hope the ice will be gone soon.

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