Duluth Man Indicted for Causing Woman’s Brain Death in Crash

Three years after causing a
Gwinnett County car accident
in which one Georgia woman was left brain dead, a Duluth man has finally been formally indicted for the crime. According to the indictment, in the 2007 crash, Scott Michael Rynning was driving under the influence of alcohol and the anti-anxiety drug Xanax. Both are sedatives, and in combination they can create extremely unsafe conditions for driving.

Brain Injury 1.jpgThe indictment carried six charges: felony serious injury by vehicle, failure to maintain lane, two counts of driving under influence of alcohol, one count of driving under influence of a controlled substance, and one count of driving under influence of alcohol and drugs together.

Perhaps the worst part is that, according to Gwinnett County jail records, Rynning was also arrested for a similar crime in 2008–after this accident occurred. This suggests he is a repeat offender for driving under the influence in Georgia. They say that old habits die hard, but it’s a particular shame when those habits destroy the lives and livelihood of others. Being a repeat offender certainly won’t help Rynning’s case in this indictment, being one more piece of evidence pointing to his reckless driving behavior. Let’s hope he at least learns his lesson this time and stops driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol for good.

Georgia accidents causing traumatic brain injury are unfortunately all too common. If you or a family member of yours have been traumatically injured, or worse, in a Georgia car accident caused by someone under the influence of drugs, alcohol, or both, I offer you my condolences. I also urge you to seek out legal help as soon as possible. There are a lot of things that can go wrong in an auto accident–lost wages, lost work hours, lost mobility, lost quality of life, and more–and you need to be fairly compensated for all of these. At the Law Offices of P. Charles Scholle, P.C., we have a long track record of helping Greater Atlanta DUI accident victims recoup their losses and pick up their lives where they left off. Please Contact/Locations: contact us for a free, confidential consultation at one of our locations in Duluth, Decatur, Buckhead or the Perimeter, and see how we can help you get back on your feet, too.

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