Tractor-Trailer Dangers: Lane Changes Can Cause Serious Accidents

Thumbnail image for Truck4.jpgEarlier this week, a major interstate highway was partially closed due to a tractor-trailer crash which involved several passenger vehicles. Here in Georgia, I have represented many victims and families impacted by tractor-trailer accidents in my work as an Atlanta truck accident lawyer. These accidents can be devastating.

In this recent accident, which occurred in a nearby southern state, the scenario is one we have seen often in the Atlanta area. The truck driver changed lanes and struck a car in the lane next to his. He lost control of his truck and ran off the roadway, striking the jersey wall at the edge of the roadway. The debris from the impact hit two other cars traveling on the road. He was cited with making an unsafe lane change.

Everyone involved was wearing a seatbelt and there were only minor injuries. The very busy Interstate 95 was partially closed as it had been with another truck crash only days before near this crash site.

As noted in my ebook, Back on the Road, What to do After a Serious Semi, Tractor Trailer or Truck Accident in Georgia , an unsafe maneuver is a common cause of truck accidents. Georgia truck drivers must comply not only with the Georgia rules and regulations for driving safety, but the federal trucking regulations that are promulgated by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration which govern commercial vehicle operation, are often involved as well.

The federal regulations require motor carriers, such as trucking companies, to ensure that they hire and train drivers in compliance with federal standards. When a truck accident occurs, it is important to determine whether the motor carrier has complied with such important standards as ensuring that drivers hold a commercial driver’s license and have a good safety record. These standards are very strict and are intended for public safety because truck accidents can be very devastating and cause serious and catastrophic injuries.

Georgia’s trucking laws also protect our roadways with standards and rules for trucking companies and drivers. The improper of erratic change of lanes is an important safety area with which truck drivers must comply. When drivers do not comply, they can eventually lose their licenses to drive and their livelihood.

The Official Code of Georgia Annotated section 40-5-151 provides that a serious traffic violation, such as a dangerous lane change, can result in a license suspension of not less than 60 days for two serious traffic violations within a three year period and for not less than 120 days if convicted of a third or subsequent traffic violation that is deemed serious. In addition to these punishments, Georgia commercial motor vehicle rules provide that drivers can lose a license after certain violations occur.

My law firm specializes in serious injury and accident cases. Truck accidents can be devastating and require the expertise and experience to build a legal case. Please contact my Gwinnett County and Atlanta area law offices if you have been injured in a truck accident in the Atlanta, Georgia area. I will consult with you at no charge to evaluate your commercial vehicle accident rights and remedies.

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