Fatal Car Accident in Buckhead

Thumbnail image for candles .jpgLoss of control of his vehicle was said by Atlanta police to be the cause of one driver’s death over the weekend. He was a resident of Duluth. The car crash occurred in Buckhead near the Lenox Square mall. In my work as an Atlanta catastrophic injury lawyer, I have handled many cases in which victims have sustained severe head trauma.

According to reports of the Buckhead crash, weather may have been a factor. Although it is not known whether drugs or alcohol were involved in this accident, we do know that the deceased driver lost control of his vehicle and crossed into the path of oncoming traffic. His vehicle struck another and the driver of that car was taken to Grady Memorial Hospital with what were reportedly serious injuries.

Sadly, the deceased driver sustained severe head trauma. He passed away at the scene.

We know that this is a very difficult time for all the loved ones of these two drivers. Our hearts go out to them.

We have shared information with our readers in the past about serious head trauma. This type of injury can be tragic as it was in this case. Although there are many new medical procedures that have allowed injured victims to survive severe head trauma, the fact is that our brains are very fragile and can be damaged severely in the physical forces of an auto crash. When larger vehicles are involved such as trucks, there is the risk for even greater injury with less force due to the weight of vehicles in a truck crash.

A traumatic brain injury (TBI) is a catastrophic injury that interferes with normal brain function. This type of injury can be caused by the force of an accident. These injuries are particularly devastating as they can impact everything from the way we think, to personality changes, to physical and psychological changes. .

As most readers are aware, the most common TBI’s are concussions. These can be caused in sports activities and in accidents. Many people do not realize that even a rear-end collision can result in a concussion. And even mild traumatic brain injury can cause serious life-changing symptoms such as memory loss and cognition problems.

If you or a loved one has suffered a serious brain injury in a Georgia accident, you need the support of experts with experience dealing with this sort of injury. As a Gwinnett County, Georgia car accident attorney with offices throughout the Atlanta metro region, I handle motorvehicle accident cases in all surrounding cities and counties, including Duluth, Fulton County, Grayson, Gwinnett County and more. Please contact our law firm for a free confidential consultation at our main Gwinnett County law office, or at our offices in Decatur, the Perimeter and Buckhead.

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