Fatal Tractor Trailer Crash on Dangerous Fulton County Road

Truck3.jpgSome Atlanta area roads are just dangerous. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that a young man has lost his life in a deadly accident on Camp Creek Parkway in Fulton County. This is what was stated to be “the latest in a string of deadly incidents on the busy thoroughfare.” The dangerous nature of this road concerns me as I represent clients as a Fulton County truck accident lawyer.

This particular tragedy occurred at the intersection of Camp Creek Parkway and Butner Road. Apparently, witnesses to the crash were able to tell investigators that the tractor-trailer was traveling eastbound and failed to stop at a red light. It then hit a northbound vehicle (Toyota Solara) that was traveling on Butner Road.

As is the case with many tractor-trailer collisions, the truck then jackknifed and the result of that was tragic and involved other vehicles. After the jackknife, the truck hit a car head-on that was traveling in the westbound direction (a Nissan Altima) and rolled over another car (a Toyota Camry) that was also traveling westbound.

The driver of the first car hit (the Toyota Solara) was killed and the driver of the Altima sustained serious injuries and the driver of the Toyota Camry sustained superficial injuries. The truck driver had non-life-threatening injuries.

We don’t know whether the truck driver will be charged with the death of this young man. Under the Official Code of Georgia Annotated (OCGA) section 40-6-393, a driver who causes a fatal injury can be charged as a homicide by vehicle. In this case, the running of the red light by the truck driver could also be viewed as reckless driving under OCGA section 40-6-390.

Trucking companies must follow the safety regulations promulgated by the federal government and running a red light is dangerous driving under these regulations. The United States Department of Transportation Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) regulates the trucking industry to avoid such fatalities.

Sadly, fatal crashes are becoming a normal occurrence on this roadway. As stated in the report, this is now “at least the fifth fatal incident on Camp Creek Parkway this year.” A trucker was fatally injured when he spun out on a curve, a teacher passed away in a tractor-trailer collision, a pedestrian died after he was hit by several cars on this road and two women died and others injured in still another tractor-trailer crash. Several years ago, five people were killed in a head on collision in this area in a case that ultimately involved a hit and run vehicular homicide.

With so many fatalities in one area, we hope that the community will come together to seek ways to make this road safer and that the local government will work towards this as well.

In the event of a fatal truck crash, families of the deceased victim can consider pursuing their legal rights against the wrongdoers in a wrongful death action. Sometimes this includes the trucking company, the driver and others that might be responsible. Please contact me at The Law Offices of P. Charles Scholle, P.C., any time for a confidential and compassionate evaluation of your loved one’s accident.

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