Fatal Truck Crash Reveals Driver’s Past Violations


Fiery Fatal Truck Crash in the National News

A fiery tragic truck crash that occurred recently in Florida made national news due to the severity of the injuries and the fatalities that resulted. The crash, which involved multiple vehicles, occurred on Interstate 75 close to Gainesville. Apparently, a truck driver struck a passenger vehicle, lost control of his truck and then crossed the center divide. In crossing into oncoming highway traffic, he hit a van that was filled with children who were taking a church trip from Louisiana to Disney World. Five children were fatally injured in this head-on crash. The passenger vehicle also crossed over into oncoming traffic.

The fire that ensued involved the truck, the passenger vehicle and a second truck. The aftermath was witnessed by many other drivers and passengers who sat in their vehicles in shock. The truck driver who may have started this chain reaction also lost his life in this crash. The driver of the second truck that was struck in the crash also sustained fatal injuries.

Within a short period of time, law enforcement announced that the truck driver had received many safety violations while operating trucks. He had violations in many states and these included not only reckless driving, such as speeding, but also violations for overloading the truck, failing to carry insurance information and other safety issues regarding the trucks he drove.

Lawsuit Protects Victims and Preserves Evidence

A wrongful death lawsuit has been filed on behalf of the mother of one of the deceased children. Many other family members of the victims have sought legal representation.  The lawsuit names the deceased truck driver as well as others as defendants. Defendants include the trucking company that operated the truck. The company is said to be a major contractor for the United States Postal Service. The driver of the Honda that was struck has also been named in the lawsuit. She sustained serious injuries as did others traveling in the church van.

The attorney representing the grieving family filing the legal action stated why it is so important that the lawsuit was filed so quickly. We have stressed this over the years and it cannot be overstated. Filing this lawsuit will enable the family’s lawyer to be involved in the investigation of how this tragedy unfolded. The family’s lawyer will have access to investigate and to inspect very important evidence, such as the vehicles involved. Securing evidence including the driving records of the truck drivers who were involved in this crash will also be possible.

Scholle Law helps injured victims who have suffered due to the negligence or wrongdoing of another person or entity. Often, truck accidents involve very serious injuries along with complex facts and evidence. It is very important to contact a qualified lawyer or law firm after an accident. This helps preserve evidence and to make it more likely that victims will receive the compensation they deserve after an accident. Please feel free to contact our law offices for a free consultation.

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