Forsyth County Sees Two Tragic Road Departure Crashes

iStock_000016429140XSmallOur hearts are heavy this week as two tragic accidents in our area have resulted in loss of life. One accident occurred this past week in Forsyth County involving a driver of a pick up and a flatbed truck. Reports indicate that while driving on a local road, a driver’s pick up moved so far to the right it left the road. This in turn caused the driver to attempt to correct the road departure. The driver lost control of his vehicle at this point and his vehicle slid directly into the oncoming lane of traffic. The tragic collision occurred when the pick up was broadsided at the driver’s side by an oncoming flatbed that had a large trailer attached to it. The impact caused both vehicles to head down an embankment. Sadly, the impact also became fatal to the pick up driver, whose catastrophic head injuries were so severe, he passed away at the scene of the accident.

This is a very sad outcome to something that can happen to any driver. Road departure situations are often dangerous and can lead to serious injury and death. These situations can occur so quickly, the driver has very little time to recover and return to his or her lane of traffic. Very often these accidents involve only a single vehicle. We have shared examples of this situation with our readers and just this past week a West Forsyth High School teen lost his life and his friend was injured in such an accident.

The crash involving the teens is also a horrific tragedy. Their vehicle left the road on a curve and flipped several times and went down an embankment. The passenger lost his life as he was ejected from the vehicle, the driver was injured. The cause of this crash is not known at this time, but reports indicated that the curve would be difficult to maneuver if traveling at a higher rate of speed. A witness who heard the impact, stayed with the teens until help arrived. One or both of the teens may not have been wearing their safety belts at the time of the crash, which may be the reason one of the teens was ejected from the vehicle.

The causes of road departure are many and varied. Sometimes these accidents are not the fault of the driver at all such as in a medical emergency. Sometimes these are caused by a problem with the road that should have been corrected by local or state authorities.  Sometimes these are caused by driver distraction when a driver loses concentration for some reason, including the use of a handheld device, texting while driving or even changing a radio station on the dial. But sometimes these are caused by excessive speed and when the driver makes an attempt to return to his or her proper lane of traffic, there is an over-correction or a loss of vehicle control that results in tragic situations such as the Forsyth County accidents this past week.

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