Georgia Consumer Safety Alert — Recall of Spice Sold at Target

The Atlanta-Constitution Journal reported last week on an important food recall. The Atlanta Injury Attorneys Blog wants to ensure that our readers are aware of this food recall to keep Georgia and Atlanta residents from personal injury to themselves and their families in using the unsafe food product.

The food recall involves a curry spice that has been sold through Georgia’s Target stores as well as those around the country. The nationwide recall is due to the fact that the curry has been found to contain high lead levels.

Lead is particularly dangerous for pregnant women, infants and children, but it is also unhealthy for adults to ingest. This product is not safe and if you have it in your home or suspect you have it in your home, please take it immediately to your local Target store.
Lead is a substance that over time accumulates and can be very harmful in healthy development. That is why it has been taken out of paint products and toys. Lead has also been found in corroding lead pipes in drinking water in cities around the country, but the amount of lead is monitored to ensure public safety. There is some controversy about what is a “safe” level of lead.

Specifically, the Georgia Department of Agriculture notes that the voluntary recall involves a ground turmeric that was sold in glass bottles at Target stores. Since this spice is often used to make curry dishes, it is widely used in various cuisines such as Middle Eastern and South Asian dishes.

The curry product is called “Archer Farms Ground Turmeric” and has a “best buy” date of June 2011 to January 2012 with a UPC code of 0-85239-02612-0. If you or a family member purchased this item, return it to the Target store. For more information on contacting the manufacturer directly please click here.

In recent years, Atlanta and Georgia residents have been warned of recalls such as contaminated eggs and other potentially dangerous food items. The Atlanta Injury Attorneys Blog informs our readers of product recalls to protect them from harm.

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