Georgia Truck Accidents

A Georgia auto accident can cause extensive turmoil for an accident victim. Dealing with aggressive insurance adjusters while undergoing pain, lost income and numerous doctor visits can be very difficult for the victim and his or her family.

Unfortunately, these difficulties are aggravated and intensified when a Georgia trucking accident occurs. Truck accidents are big risks for motor common carriers, and they take them very seriously. Trucking companies and their insurers aggressively defend these cases and move within 24 hours to secure evidence and interview witnesses. If there are any questions pertaining to fault, they will do their best to make sure the other driver is blamed. As most Georgia car accident victims do not seek legal counsel for days, weeks or months after the accident, the trucking companies get a big head start. This should not make a difference, but it typically matters, and a victim’s case can lose before it is even given a fair hearing.

The proper investigation, use of experts and methodology is needed to insure your case is not mishandled. Our firm can provide this experience no matter what type of Georgia truck accident was the cause. Whether the truck accident resulted from an improper left turn, an underride, a stopped truck, a rear end collision, a cargo shift, an improper lane change or some other improper truck maneuver you need an experienced attorney who has handled lot of truck accident cases.

Since 1995, Atlanta trucking attorney Charles Scholle has fought for justice for Georgia families.
We care about our clients. Even though our practice areas are situational and often do not require repeat representation once a matter is resolved, we remain in contact with most of our past clients. Legal matters can be very stressful. They often raise uncomfortable realities causing one to make important life decisions at vulnerable moments. It is important to us that our clients feel they we stand by them every step of the way as counselors of the law.
Accordingly, we are able to focus our intellectual and financial resources on a few matters, maximizing the results, and ensuring a more satisfying representation for both the client and attorney.

At P. Charles Scholle, PC, we are passionate about the law and compassionate toward our clients. We understand the emotional uncertainty and economic hardship that can accompany unresolved legal issues. It can be a very helpless feeling. Our job is to combat that anxiety by educating our clients about how the law relates to their specific, personal factual situation. We work tirelessly to teach our clients, striving to make them feel less anxious and more confident and empowered. No lawyer can guarantee a specific outcome, but by taking the time to actively communicate and educate our clients, we allow them to worry less about their legal matters and concentrate more on their families, careers and day-to-day lives.

Powerful, well-funded forces are arrayed against Georgia citizens and families, whether they be business entities, insurance companies, government actors or quasi-governmental agencies. Our firm has excelled in defeating these forces through determination, resourcefulness and by simply working harder. Call us at 770-717-5100 or email us a

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