Gwinnett County Bleach “Prank” Anything But Funny

Have you heard about Miguel Mesa, the Gwinnett County middle-schooler who was hit in the face with a bleach-filled water balloon while walking home on the last day of school? Well, as one might expect, the story of what police say could only have been meant as a “random, silly prank” is far from over.

I am pleased to report that the suspects who performed the drive-by deed have been arrested. According to Lilburn police, the high schoolers have all given matching confessions. The eldest, a 17-year-old, is being charged as an adult and has been booked at the Gwinnett County Jail. The rest are being held at a youth detention center. In some ways it seems the case was open-and-shut.

However, Mesa is still injured and is now struggling to keep his sight. Although police say that the teens only meant to ruin the clothes of some unsuspecting kids, it is well known that bleach doesn’t just whiten clothes or keep surfaces clean. It is a strong, dangerous chemical, and chemicals can cause burn injuries. In this case, Mesa’s eyes were burnt by the bleach, and his vision has been compromised. Whether the worst of the damage has been done or is still developing is hard to say. Eye injuries can be quite complex. One thing is certain: this so-called prank has indelibly changed Mesa’s life.

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