Newlywed Killed in Tractor Trailer Accident on Interstate 285 in Fulton County

Truck4.jpgIn a horrible story from this weekend, a recently married woman was tragically killed in an Atlanta tractor trailer accident. The victim, Danyal Holley, was a Woodstock resident according the Medical Examiner of Fulton County. According to police, Jack Parsons, the driver of the tractor trailer, attempted to change lanes on Interstate 285 when he struck Mrs. Holley’s Nissan Sentra, forcing it into the guardrail. The driver of the Nissan lost control, crossed into the opposite lane of 285 when it was struck by the cab of another tractor trailer travelling in the opposite direction. The accident blocked all Southbound lanes of 285 for several hours.

As a Gwinnett County truck accident lawyer, I can certainly testify to the power and momentum that a commercial truck brings to bear upon smaller cars. A relatively light tap can cause a small car to careen out of control, and when a small vehicle comes into the path of a large tractor trailer, the small car dosen’t have a chance.

Parsons was charged with second degree vehicular homicide and improper lane change. He was arrested and booked Sunday evening into the Fulton County jail. Second degree vehicular homicide is a misdemeanor charge, so Parsons could only receive up to one (1) year in jail. Realistically, absent some type of aggravating factor like DUI, Parsons is highly unlikely to serve any jailtime. Accordingly, the civil justice system is probably her survivor’s only option for justice. A Wrongful Death in Fulton County will probably be the appropriate action.

Mrs. Holley’s husband, whose name was withheld, was a passenger in the Nissan. One can only imagine the pain and anguish he is enduring right now. He was transported to Grady Memorial Hospital after the accident with minor injuries.

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