Safety Reminder After Tragic Georgia Teen Pedestrian Deaths

We are often reminded of the importance of wearing white or reflective gear at night while walking or riding a bicycle. But we do not want to be reminded due to a tragedy.

The Atlanta Injury Attorneys blog is very sad to report of just such a tragedy involving two Georgia teens that died earlier this week while walking on a rural road at night. They were not wearing white, reflective clothing or carrying flashlights.

We do not know whether the accident would have been avoided had the teens been more visible, but it is important to take every precaution possible in the circumstances in which these Georgia teens were killed. Our hearts go out the families of these fine teenagers.

The August Chronicle reports that two Hephzibah teenagers, who were walking along a rural dark road with two other friends at about 8 in the evening, were struck and killed by a driver of a Jeep. The two teens that had been hit died on the scene. Apparently the teens had attended a church service and were walking to a friend’s home when the tragedy occurred.

It has not yet been determined whether the driver was speeding as he rounded a curve and struck the teens. The driver is a 20-year old man who has not yet been charged with any crimes related to the deaths and it is not yet clear whether he will be charged at all. It is also unclear where the teens were standing when they were struck as some accounts say they were on the side of the road and others say they were walking across the street.

The parents of the teens seem to be handling their grief as well as could be expected in these circumstances. One of them has constructed two crosses on the side of the road where the incident occurred which is permissible on rural roads in Georgia.

The Atlanta Injury Attorneys blog wants to take this opportunity and this tragedy to remind everyone that it is important to be visible to drivers while walking or riding a bike at night. Putting a small flashlight in your kids’ backpacks or wearing jackets and shoes that have reflective strips will help avoid this type of tragedy if your kids end up walking home in the dark.

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