South Fulton Intersection Crash Results in Fatality


Intersection Crash Ends in Loss of Life

A fatal crash in South Fulton this past weekend has left four children without their mom. Two cars, traveling in opposite directions, ended up in a collision that caused the death of a married mom of four. An interview with a local resident by Channel 2 News, revealed that the light at the intersection has not been working for a while. The light at the intersection where this crash occurred may have been blinking at the time of the crash. If a light is blinking, vehicles must stop as if it were a stop sign. The auto accident investigation should reveal whether the light was blinking or functioning normally at the time of this tragic crash. Regardless, this intersection is said by local residents to be a dangerous one, prone to crashes. Many vehicles travel this route at speeds that are likely greater than the situation allows. How and why these vehicles collided remains to be determined as the investigators piece together the evidence recovered at the scene and reconstruct this tragic car accident.

We are not aware of the condition of the other driver or whether he or she was injured in the crash. If that driver survived the crash and is able to reliably share information about his or her view of what happened, that could help. If this crash is determined to have been caused in full or in part by the surviving driver, a wrongful death action could be filed against him or her. If that driver was driving for work, or a company vehicle, was under the influence or otherwise compromised by a medical emergency or distraction, those facts can also help determine whether an action is warranted.

Wrongful Death Actions in Georgia

Under the proper facts and circumstances, the family of the deceased person can file a lawsuit to recover things like lost income over his or her lifetime and other damages. Under the law in Georgia, wrongful death is one caused by the acts of a person or entity that is negligent, reckless, intentional or criminal. Specific family members and others are able to bring a wrongful death action, these include, the surviving spouse, the deceased child or children, parents or an heir or designated by a will or by Georgia probate law.

A wrongful death claim is about much more than money. But families must be aware of what has been lost. It might be the value of a stay at home mom who takes care of the children. Or it may be the lost wages of the primary earner who supported the family that needs to be recovered. Families can also recover compensation for the deceased loss of enjoyment of life, and the emotional damages, pain and suffering for the loss as well. In limited cases, punitive damages may also be appropriate.

We know families are suffering after the loss of a loved one. Every law firm is different in the way they actually handle cases as sensitive as a wrongful death action. At Scholle Law when we take on the serious work of helping a grieving family, we get to know the family and we get to know the family member or members who have been lost. This is important as we present the case for damages to an insurance company, a judge or a jury. Knowing the details of the person, their personality, their hobbies, what they loved about their life and the people they loved, we can best present the case with the humanity it deserves.

Please feel free to contact our law firm if you would have been in an accident that may be the fault of another person or entity. We are here to analyze your case at no cost. And if we represent you, we do not get paid for our work until you get paid.

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