The Kindness of Georgians in Tragedy

Over many years, I have had the opportunity and the honor to help families devastated by the tragedy of accidents involving serious injury and death. But when literally an act of God, such as a tornado devastates families and towns, it is nearly impossible to comprehend.

And it is also difficult to describe how out of tragedy we can find a way back to hope. These experiences change us, but I have learned as I have stood closely by many families and individuals who have suffered unimaginable tragedy, that the human spirit finds a way to recover. And out of tragedy, can come renewal and hope.

The recent tornado that brought devastation to the town of Ringgold has also brought residents together — some to mourn and others to help. One family paid the greatest price and all four members were killed in this tragedy.

All Georgians mourn this loss along with the residents of this devastated town. As the Black family was laid to rest, literally hundreds attended their funeral service. So many communities were devastated in the southeast and there were an unprecedented number of deaths.

Like a scene out of a war zone, the Atlanta Constitution-Journal reported that “family members led the procession down rain-drenched U.S. 41, the main artery through the storm-ravaged town” passing the devastation along the way.

And while the mourning continues, the kindness and support of fellow Georgians is evident. Teams of firefighters from Marietta, Atlanta, Cherokee and Clayton have converged on the area, helping with the clean up and search. The devastated Walker County also sent help. A disaster team from Dalton has arrived as well. These teams are working through the downed trees and making sure all buildings and homes have been searched.

Georgians have heart, and when our neighbors are in trouble, we come to their aid. My thoughts and prayers are with all the families and individuals who have suffered through this tragedy.

Tragedy is difficult to experience, but it is possible to survive it and move on with your life. But it is impossible to do that alone. As an experienced Deacatur personal injury and wrongful death lawyer, dedicated to excellence in the law and close communication with clients who have suffered great tragedy, I hope you will contact me if for any reason you need help after a serious injury or accident.

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