Fatal Car Crash — New Facts Emerge and Mom is Cleared

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for AutoAccident3.jpgA woman who was initially thought to have been responsible for a crash that killed her own infant and her boyfriend has been cleared by the Georgia State Patrol. No charges will be filed in this case. She herself was injured in the crash and suffered a broken neck. Her name and the accident went national as she lay in a hospital bed at Grady Memorial Hospital.

As an Atlanta car accident lawyer, I know that it often takes some time to put the facts of an accident together properly. Unfortunately, the loss that this young mom suffered was probably made more painful given that she was incorrectly thought to have been responsible for the accident in a way that sounded as if she had been driving recklessly. Neither is correct.

After an investigation done by the Georgia State Patrol, the entire matter has changed direction. As reported by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the GSP has issued their accident investigation results and this mom’s name was cleared. It was determined that at the time of the accident, her boyfriend was driving. It was also determined that the early reports that there was some sort of racing going on was not factual.

The investigation used all possible sources, such as witnesses and videos from a Covington local business. The young mom was initially thought to have been speeding on Georgia I-20 in her Honda Accord. Her mom told authorities that her daughter’s boyfriend had been driving and that there was no racing involved. It was determined that the victims were transported to hospitals and that the first GSP trooper to arrive at the scene was provided witness reports that were incorrect.

Although the GSP has not said this directly, it appears that early witness reports were simply not correct. The reliability of eyewitnesses has long been a controversial subject. Just last year, Emory University hosted a symposium on the question as to whether eyewitness testimony is as reliable as some might think.

So what did happen in this very tragic fatal car crash? It is thought that the young mom’s vehicle was traveling westbound on I-20 in the center lane. Her boyfriend was driving and somehow lost control of the vehicle, hitting a guardrail on the right shoulder of the road. As often happens when motor vehicles hit guardrails, the car was pushed back into the lanes and in this case, the car ended up in the left lane of traffic. The vehicle was then hit by
another vehicle.

In reconstructing the accident, the GSP was able to capture video that showed the couple and the baby at a gas station. The mom’s boyfriend left the driver’s seat to fill the car with gas and returned to the driver’s seat. The fatal crash took place only a few miles away within about five minutes of the gas stop.

If you or someone you know has been injured in a car crash, it is important to get the support you need both with regard to legal issues and medical support. The ability to put together the facts of a case requires a lot of expertise. Over two decades, I have represented the victims of motor vehicle crashes and I am here to help you. Please contact me for a free evaluation of your accident.

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