Tragic Gwinnett County Morning – Lanier Student Killed & Weather Could Be Factor

The Atlanta Injury Attorneys Blog has learned from a report in the Atlanta-Constitution Journal that a Lanier High School student was killed Wednesday morning in a tragic accident. The Gwinnett County car accident that resulted in the student’s death may well have been due to weather. But authorities are not certain of the cause.

The crash occurred at around 7 in the morning. Apparently, the car the Lanier student was riding in as a passenger, which was traveling southbound, was struck while turning left at the intersection of Peachtree Industrial Boulevard and 1st Avenue. Another car driving northbound broadsided the passenger side of the vehicle as it made the turn and the teen was killed.

The student was pronounced dead at the scene and the drivers of the both vehicles were taken to the hospital. Their injuries are said not to be life threatening.

Our hearts go out to the families of all involved in this tragic Gwinnett County accident.
Although we do not know the cause of this accident we all need to consider our driving patterns in weather conditions.

Please remember that intersections can always be very dangerous and that is the case particularly in weather conditions. It is very important to make sure that on-coming vehicles can see your vehicle making a turn. In addition, if you are driving through an intersection watch your speed and do not rush to get through it. The American Safety Council includes some important information on driving defensively in intersections and we urge our readers to review them.

If tragedy strikes your family, it is important to contact a dedicated Georgia wrongful death attorney to ensure that your losses are compensated fully and justly.

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