Teens Students’ College Trip Ends in Bus Crash Tragedy

The Atlanta area has experienced its share of tragic accidents and their impact, including the heartbreaking accident that occurred two years ago in Florida in which several members of one Fulton County family were killed or injured. The loss of young life is always more difficult to comprehend. This morning we wake to the news that ten people have died, including teens, in a California crash. The crash occurred in the evening hours and involved a bus filled with Los Angeles area high school students on a trip to visit a college campus and a FedEx truck. The students were from various schools in the area and were already admitted to Humboldt State University. We pray that no additional lives are lost as a result of this accident. The first reports on this crash indicate that the FedEx tractor-trailor left its lane of traffic, possibly avoiding a small passenger car that was traveling ahead of the truck that was also at the scene. No one in that vehicle appears to have been injured. The National Transportation Safety Board has dispatched a team of investigators to the accident scene to begin an extensive investigation about why this tragedy occurred.

Authorities in California have advised that the drivers of both the bus, as well as the FedEx driver, were killed as the impact of the crash resulted in a horrific fire. Five students and three of their chaperones also lost their lives in this accident. The bus had been a charter that was arranged by a state university campus in northern California. Apparently, as the bus and the FedEx truck passed on a major interstate in California known as Interstate 5 which traverses the state in a north – south direction, the truck traveled across the highway divider and hit the bus.

There are early reports that the FedEx truck may have swerved across the median to avoid a passenger car — this vehicle was also somehow a part of the crash as well. Crash victims who survived this terrible scene, suffered many types of injuries including burns and broken bones. Federal Express has indicated that they are in full cooperation with the investigators who are trying to piece together what happened in this fiery crash.

The names of those whose lives were lost have not yet been released, but there were teenage victims among those who passed away. The loss of young life is something that we all have difficulty comprehending. It is impossible to calculate the sorrow of the families whose kids have been injured or who have lost their lives. We send our deepest sympathies to all concerned.

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