Transplant Teen Crashes Car

iStock_000016429140XSmallThe story of a young teen who received a life-saving heart transplant has ended in a tragic and horrific car crash. The Georgia young man was placed on a waiting list and received a heart transplant in a somewhat controversial medical situation in 2013.  He received the support of many who wanted to give him a second chance at life. Initially physicians in Atlanta were reluctant to provide him the new heart due to non-compliance concerns — specifically, that he would not take the proper medications after the transplant. But in the end, his supporters were able to convince the medical community that he should receive the new heart. And although he said he intended this to be a second chance and that he would change his path, which involved trouble with the law, that was not to be.

The young teen passed away recently after attempting to evade police who tried to stop him after an alleged home invasion of an elderly woman who had called 911. After he failed to stop for officers, they began chasing his vehicle. Prior to the chase, the allegations in this tragic end included the teen having engaged in the home invasion, stolen a vehicle and crashing it after having shot at a woman and hit another vehicle and a pedestrian. It appears that the others injured in the auto crash, will survive. But the young man’s injuries were too severe for his survival. He died in the crash of the allegedly stolen vehicle in Roswell, Georgia.

Despite all the hope that this young man would be able to turn his life around, literally, he continued to go in the wrong direction. He was only recently arrested and in jail earlier this year. As a bioethicist who was interviewed noted, the ultimate outcome of this young man’s life after an alleged crime spree, should not in retrospect, have altered the decision to give him a new heart. At the time even the teen was able to imagine a different life, but that life did not take form and he continued to have difficulties with the law.

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