Valdosta Man’s Truck Goes Airborne, Kills Suwannee Teen

According to police, a Valdosta man has been charged with vehicular homicide after causing a Lawrenceville car crash that killed a Suwannee teenager this past Sunday. Najee E. Griffin, 19, was killed on the scene of the accident.

The man who was charged, James C. Griffin (not related to the victim), was swerving his truck between lanes, then suddenly went airborne as it crossed into the oncoming traffic lane. His truck landed on the victim’s car, then continued on, eventually crashing into a utility pole. Surprisingly, James Griffin and his passenger suffered only minor injuries.

There was no comment on whether speeding was a factor in this crash. However, to have become airborne, James Griffin’s truck was likely going at a significant speed, and the fact that he was weaving in and out of lanes suggests that he was in a hurry. The question is, what made him choose to do that? Considering that he crashed into a pole and is now charged with vehicular homicide, in the end his choice did not save him any time.

Besides vehicular homicide, James Griffin was charged with reckless driving and failure to maintain lane. Since the accident is still under investigation, more charges could still be filed. Sadly, the biggest damage, the death of Najee E. Griffin, is final.

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