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Construction Accidents

What is a Construction Accident Injury?

Construction work sites are fraught with dangers and the potential for serious and catastrophic injury. Injuries can be extremely serious due to the various large pieces of equipment and activities occurring on the work site. From cranes to welding to electrical wiring to trenching, there are many possible ways workers can be injured on a work site. For example, when a trench is built and the depth is too great or there is a failure to reinforce the trench, workers can have serious or fatal injuries if they are trapped in a cave-in. Sometimes a construction company will cut corners and require workers to dig a trench quickly and without the safety measures required. Other examples of the dangers at construction sites include workers who are not provided proper safety belts and who could fall from a roof. Even a fall from a deck that is only ten feet above ground can cause serious injury or death. If a fall occurs and the worker sustains a blow to the head, traumatic brain injury can result and that can cause long term and serious injury or death.

The most alarming aspect of these accidents is that construction workers who are seriously or fatally injured do not get the help they need from their employer or the entity for whom they are working on the site. The construction company or subcontractor may have failed in its duty to create a reasonably safe work environment or to provide the proper safety equipment for workers on the site.

Reaching out to an experienced injury attorney after a serious construction accident can provide the support needed to secure workers’ compensation benefits and to recover against third parties who might be at fault. Duluth construction accident lawyers Scholle Law are experienced and very knowledgeable about what is required on construction sites and can hold those entities responsible for your injuries or a loved one's fatal injury. The Scholle Law team has the skill and tenacity required to manage a case involving traumatic injury or wrongful death. They will provide the legal support needed after a tragic accident occurs on a construction site.

The Federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and safety rules and regulations are intended to ensure that safety precautions are taken on work sites to avoid accidents. OSHA reports that nearly 4,340 workers died on the job in 2009. That means accidents happen even when safety precautions are taken and particularly when required precautions are not taken. Death and injury can result in these hazard prone environments and that is tragic.

Despite the fact that most construction workers and those in skilled trades are aware of or trained for basic safety in the handling of machinery and dangerous materials, accidents are still possible. This can be due to defective machinery or tools and other hazards that occur on a construction site. Many times injury is a result of pressure being put on workers to get dangerous work done quickly or the construction company's failure to provide proper safety equipment on the job or to encourage its use.

Get Work Related Injury and Accident Legal Advice

The construction accident attorneys at Scholle Law are able to traverse the serious accident and wrongful death. Charles Scholle, represents clients who have been injured on a construction site. He represents injured clients in dealing with their worker's compensation benefits to make certain that they are protected fully and receive the proper benefit under the circumstances. Too often insurance companies seek to diminish the amount of compensation that an injured construction worker receives by saying that the injury is not as bad as it actually is, and to avoid that workers need legal support as early as possible in their case.

Scholle Law focuses entirely on injury and accident cases and we are dedicated to our clients’ recovery both financially and physically. We know that families suffer after a serious construction site accident and our compassionate and caring approach to all our clients reassures them during a very difficult time in their lives. Often the construction worker in a family is the sole bread winner and a family can be devastated if their loved one has been severely injured and cannot return to work or has lost his or her life on the job. Families and victims do not need to suffer alone, we are here to support you in this very challenging time and we can take the burden of a tragedy off the shoulders of family members by managing the legal issues and seeking recovery to the full extent of the law.

Read about what our clients say about their experience the support we provide from our first conversation through the end of their matter. Communication with our clients is of utmost importance and our law practice has gained a reputation for extraordinary care and concern. Charles Scholle's history of excellent results for his clients is due to his dedication and quality of law practice.


If you have been injured in or have lost a loved one in a construction, car accident or any accidents due to the carelessness of another person or entity, please contact our law firm for help.

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