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Dekalb County, Georgia Injury Lawyer

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Dekalb County is the third most populous county in Georgia, with a population upwards of 750,000. Dekalb County’s central location increases the prevalence of highways, interstates, and roads which witness heavy commuter traffic.

The industrial setup of the county, with large warehouses and distribution companies, increases the presence of large semis as well as tractor-trailers on county roads. This mix of both light and heavy traffic increases the likelihood of auto and truck accidents.

Scholle Law is Georgia’s leading law firm in cases involving personal injuries, with over 20 years of dedicated service for the residents of Dekalb County. Charles Scholle and his team of attorneys have practiced law with professionalism and sincerity to ensure that our clients are fully recompensed for the negligence of a third party in an accident or wrongful death case.

Let’s visit a few of the legal areas that we specialize in:

Dekalb County, Automobile Accident Attorney  

Due to the high number of registered cars and the sheer number of major roads and highways, Dekalb county witnesses 10,000 motor vehicle accidents per annum – resulting in numerous injuries and fatalities.

The negligence of such individuals causes victims to suffer horrific injuries with long-term effects. The victims can suffer fractured bones, deep wounds, and even life-threatening brain injuries. Recovery involves long hospital stays and sessions with therapists to overcome the physical and emotional trauma.

Accident victims experience the burden of lost wages as a result of being unfit to work as well as having to pay off costly medical bills. The negligence of another individual should not go unanswered; it is only fair to seek compensation for the damages that the victim has suffered.

If you seek just compensation for injuries received due to another individual’s negligent driving or malpractice, contact Scholle Law now. Our highly qualified and experienced personal injury attorneys will represent you zealously to ensure success for you.  

Dekalb County, Motorcycle Accident Attorney

In 2016, 11 motorcyclists lost their lives in accidents throughout Dekalb County. It is not necessary that every accident results in death. Most of the time motorcyclists manage to escape with their lives yet receive serious injuries that hamper them for life.

Motorcyclists have garnered a reputation for being rash and speeding through traffic recklessly. However this is a fallacy; most motorcyclists are extremely careful, knowing that they are much more prone to injury as their only means of protection is the helmet they wear.

Automobile driver’s tailgating each other on the highways will lead to deformed bumpers and other minor cosmetic damage. However, such dangerous driving behind a motorcyclist could cause them to be thrown from their bikes and suffer broken bones and even ruptured organs.

If the reckless driving or recklessness of other motorists has put your or your loved one’ life in peril and caused long-lasting injuries then your best shot at justice would be to seek legal representation through Scholle Law. Charles Scholle and his team of lawyers are expert legal practitioners, with over two decades of successful personal injury claims for clients. Our commitment entails that we only receive payment when our clients have been compensated.  

Dekalb County, Truck Accident Attorney  

Dekalb county highways feature an increased presence of tractor-trailers and large semi-trucks. A small mistake by a truck driver or unsecured cargo can easily lead to a serious accident. 

In a collision with a truck, with its tremendous weight and size difference, a victim in a passenger car will face the brunt of the injuries. Georgia state law empowers victims in truck accidents to claim for personal injury. The following damages are recoverable through a successful legal claim: 

      •    Medical Costs
      •    Mental pain
      •    Physical Impairments
      •    Disfigurement
      •    Loss of earnings
Through 20 years of legal experience, the attorneys at Scholle Law understand the devastating impact on the lives of victims involved in truck accidents. Having been involved in a truck accident in Dekalb County, you may be unsure of how to proceed with your legal claim. Contact us now and schedule an appointment to allow our veteran truck accident attorneys to assess your case free of cost.  

Dekalb County, Wrongful Death Attorney  

Wrongful deaths can occur through:
      •    Defective products
      •    Construction accidents
      •    Medical malpractice, etc.   

However, regardless of how the victim perishes, the event causes immeasurable pain and suffering for the relatives of the deceased.

The immediate family must cope with their loss as well as mitigate the resulting financial crisis they might experience. Georgia state law allows the relatives of victims to become beneficiaries of a wrongful death claim. Lawyers representing the family have to prove the actions of a third party caused the victim's death.

To learn if the death of your loved one makes you eligible to claim for wrongful death contact Scholle Law. Our lawyers will go over the facts of your unique case, and provided you have a legal rationale for a claim, we will vigorously fight your case in the court of law.  

At Scholle law, our attorneys have settled numerous wrongful death claims and have recovered over $4,300,000 for our clients. We represent our clients with conviction and expertise that compels insurance companies to offer lucrative settlements. However, if they are unwilling, we possess the fortitude to take them to court to recover damages to our client.

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I have had a great experience with Scholle Law. Since day one I was treated like family and everyone was very professional. Cherie
Charles Scholle is trustworthy. He is a man of his word. He has a heart of compassion, which is needed during a time of hardship and trauma. Joseph
My experience with Scholle Law was very positive. The people I dealt with were very forthcoming with information. They were always available when I had questions. They worked hard for me. Tabatha
Scholle Law was great. Staff was excellent, above and beyond - always! Enjoyed working together, I always felt informed. Michele
I was hit by a tractor trailer and Scholle Law was fantastic about finding me treatment. They were readily available with any questions, concerns and worked in my best interests. I have referred friends and family. Ten Stars for communication, responsiveness, quality of service and value! Five is not enough!! Sarah