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Doraville, Georgia Auto Accident

Practice Area photoDoraville, Georgia is home to a General Motors manufacturing plant, is known for its beautiful landscapes and unfortunately is also where many car accidents take place every day. The traffic in around this area can result in auto accidents, something none of us expects or wants. Doraville auto accident attorneys of Scholle Law are able to help injured victims after an accident that causes injury.

The dangers inherent in driving a car, motorcycle or truck include being hit by other driver drivers. These drivers might be careless, inattentive distracted or reckless. The many causes of accidents are well known, but it doesn't stop them from happening. Drivers can get out on the road after taking medication and be impaired. Drivers might have an issue with their sight or depth perception and might fail to see something ahead that they should see, such as a slow down. A driver might rear-end your vehicle after failing to leave sufficient space between your vehicle and theirs.

When another car rear-ends your vehicle that driver is generally held responsible for the accident. The presumption is that the other vehicle's driver was driving too closely and failed to stop. Perhaps they did not brake in time or perhaps they did not see you stopped because they were distracted. Under the law of most states, a driver that causes a rear-end collision will be held responsible for the injuries caused. The liability of those who hit your vehicle in a rear-end collision can be established by showing various facts. The presumption is that the vehicle that rear ends another vehicle should have been able to judge the need to leave room between his or her vehicle and yours. We see vehicles every day on the road that are following too closely and cause injury or harm to other drivers when they fail to stop and collide with another vehicle.

Many people who drive in our state and cause Doraville auto accidents have not learned proper driving habits or fail to implement them. The recommended rule is to leave three car lengths or three seconds between your vehicle and theirs. Stopping takes time and space, especially in the case of trucks which are heavier and more difficult to stop. If you are driving and a vehicle is following too closely you could be hit by that truck or car when you need to stop. And if that happens, in the majority of legal cases, they will be held responsible for this collision.

In the event that you are involved in a Doraville auto crash and have been injured by another vehicle, please make sure to contact legal help. You won't know if you can get support from that driver or his or her insurance carrier for your injuries, until you get a legal opinion about whether the facts show that he or she caused the harm to you. In order to be properly compensated for your injuries, contacting To make sure contacting Scholle Law will help as we evaluate the case and let you know if you have the basis for a legal action against the other driver or drivers.

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