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Fulton County, Georgia Injury Lawyer

Practice Area photoAs the most populated county in Georgia, Fulton County houses a bustling population of 1,041,423 and caters to a plethora of major highways. These include Interstate 75; Interstate 285; Interstate 20; and multiple other highways and state routes.

In comparison to others, Fulton County has the highest fatality rates due to truck and auto accidents. Its infrastructure’s complicated layout leaves travelers and residents at high risk of being involved in crashes or collisions due to the high speeds vehicles frequent on such strips. Around 60,984 total crashes have been reported in Fulton County alone.

When involved in an accident, whether major or minor, injuries sustained can be intrinsic or extrinsic; physiological or psychological. Alongside physical and mental injuries, repair and medical expenses add to the stress post-incident. If the injuries result from recklessness of the at-fault individual, the victim has a valid legal claim to receiving compensation, relieving a lot of the financial burden.

If you or a loved one have been injured due to the negligence of another party in Fulton County, connect with a competent personal injury attorney immediately. The trusted Charles Scholle and his team of experienced lawyers guarantee you a dedicated and confidential consultation, at absolutely no charge until you receive the justice you deserve.

To discuss your case without worrying about consultation charges or exorbitant lawyer fees, call 866-972-5287 or 770-717-5100 now.

Here are some of the areas we cover:

Fulton County Auto Accident Attorney

In 2017 alone, around 1,540 deaths were reported from 1,440 fatal crashes in Georgia. These collisions result in unsettling injuries and statistics, leading to 90 people on an average becoming collateral damage daily. Around 10 to 30 people lose their lives each year in Fulton County, owing to car collisions.

Those who survive are met with a long list of medical expenses or lost wages as they spend time recovering. The injuries can be minor bone fractures or major brain damage, and even burns with permanent damage to the individual.

As victims of the negligence of a guilty party, receiving compensation for damages becomes your right. With over 20 years of experience as the leading personal injury lawyers in Georgia, Charles Scholle and his team have successfully negotiated settlements for auto accident victims and their families. Contact us now to schedule a free legal assessment of your case.

Fulton County Motorcycle Accident Attorney

The number of motorcycle related deaths has doubled in the U.S in the last decade, with 5,172 deaths reported in 2017 alone. A careless mistake on part of another driver can lead to severe injuries and death for motorcyclists. Around 14% of motorcycle accidents result in death for the motorcyclist.

Injuries in motorcycle accidents mostly prove to be fatal with quadriplegia and paraplegia resulting in worst case scenarios. On a busy interstate layout, chances of negligent collisions increase. Additionally, the compact size of a motorcycle also greatly owes to the number of collisions.

Seeking assistance from a trusted Fulton County motorcycle accident attorney can help you receive the compensation for your injuries that you are entitled to. With a successful track record, the experienced attorneys at Charles Scholle will strengthen your chances of recovering the damages through accident reconstruction, and attesting the negligence of drivers clarifying your positions to demand a legal claim.

Whether you are victim of negligent collisions or anguished by the growing heap of medical expenditures, contact Scholle Law now for a comprehensive consultation of your case with some of the most adept motorcycle accident attorneys in Georgia.

    Fulton County Truck Accident Attorney

Over the last decade, the number of deaths in the U.S. from truck accidents has increased drastically by 30% while a total of 4102 people have died in 2017. Almost 68% of the overall deaths are car occupants while 14% are pedestrians.

Due to the multifarious and interconnected infrastructure at Fulton County, crashes and collisions are bound to happen. Truck accidents can be deadly, or leave the individual impaired. Seeking a settlement for a legal claim is a complex journey, with insurance companies and commercial vehicle business owners slyly opting out of fulfilling their obligations.

Poorly maintained trucks, ill functioning parts, improper loading, or negligent driving can cause trucks to malfunction, with harrowing aftereffects.

Charles Scholle and the legal professionals at Scholle Law have plenty of experience in recovering maximum compensation for devastating accidents. The team of highly skilled attorneys evaluates the accident, assesses the injuries, and talks to witnesses to strengthen your case.

If you seek guidance or require litigation, Scholle Law’s determined and competent team awaits you. Contact Charles Scholle today for an assessment of your situation and get a valuable ally in your pursuit for justice.

    Fulton County Wrongful Death Attorney

Losing a treasured one to some other’s negligence brings feelings of blame, anger, and anxiety, along with grief.   

Scholle Law understands the devastation that plagues families; hence, offers an expansive skillset brought about through 20 years of experience in obtaining the best settlements for clients. Privy to the tactics of insurance companies and big corporations, the attorneys at Scholle Law help safeguard families from being coerced by providing competent representation.

When filing a wrongful death claim, you are liable to receive compensation for:

  • Pre-death suffering and pain of the deceased
  • Any medical costs incurred as a result of the injury pre-death
  • Burial and funeral expenses
  • Loss of income of the deceased person
  • Loss of guidance, love, and care that the deceased may have provided.

With $4,300,000 recovered in settlements for victim’s families in negligent and wrongful deaths, Scholle Law ensures its clients receive the fair compensation they are legally entitled to. Our attorneys represent clients with determined commitment and passion.

Having built a tenacious reputation in court, Scholle Law makes full use of Georgia’s two-year action limit when pursuing legal claims.

    If you are mourning the loss of a loved one, or have had your livelihood affected by another’s carelessness, contact Charles Scholle now to get the support you need in the court of law.
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