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Inadequate Security

What is Inadequate Security?

Negligent security is a special type of premises liability law holding Georgia property owners responsible when they fail to take adequate security measures to prevent violent crime. This applies to landlords, hotel owners and other residential property managers as well as businesses, as long as they are in an area, or have a type of business, that can reasonably be expected to attract crime. When a property owner is aware of the potential for crime or aware of poor security on the property, that property owner can be held liable for negligent security. Charles Scholle is a preeminent Walton County inadequate security lawyer, with more than twenty years experience representing clients who have been seriously injured due to the negligence of another person, such as a property owner or manager. He has represented the victims of inadequate security and their families in some of the most preventable and tragic situations imaginable. Consider a family whose child is fatally injured on her way to her vehicle due to poor lighting in a property owner's parking lot. Consider a property owner who knows that other incidents of assault or injury have occurred in that parking lot. This level of reckless disregard for the safety of others and pure negligence at best, is the tragic consequence of the failing to create a safe environment. In other words, inadequate security.

Attorney Scholle established Scholle Law and has brought together a phenomenal team of experienced, ethical lawyers and legal professionals who maintain the high standards for which he is known throughout the state. The Scholle Law team, made up of inadequate security attorneys in Walton County, knows that a property owner’s inadequate security liability can be from something as simple as failing to replace broken locks or as drastic as hiring an incompetent private security firm. For example, the owner of an apartment building in a neighborhood that has recently seen a series of break-ins should ensure its locks and intercom system are working, or it may be liable in a negligent security lawsuit for injuries to victims assaulted or raped on the property.

Inadequate security and resulting injury can occur in many public places, including:

  • Parking garages that are dark and unprotected
  • Hotel lobbies and hotel rooms that are not properly protected from intruders
  • Apartment building hallways and other areas that are not properly lit or secure
  • Apartments with easily broken window locks or floor-level access
  • Cruise ships with inadequate room, hallway or public space security
  • Restaurants with poorly lit bathrooms or parking lots
Types of Injuries That Occur in Inadequate Security Cases

The injuries associated with inadequate security are often very serious. These can include such crimes as rape, assault and battery, muggings and even death.

Legal Help for Inadequate Security

Property owners are legally responsible for injuries that result from inadequate security, including injuries from criminal assaults, rapes and other violent crimes. Victims in turn, have the right to hold property responsible for their injuries, pain and suffering and lost wages. Inadequate security can result in very serious injuries to victims of crime.


These cases can be prevented if property owners take their responsibility to the public seriously and ensure the public is protected from harm. When they are negligent in doing this, and harm results, victims are entitled to pursue their legal rights.

Charles Scholle and Scholle Law are Walton County inadequate security lawyers who represent those who have been seriously injured due to inadequate security in hotels, apartments, cruise ships, parking lots and other public places. Our client reviews and record of success demonstrate to our potential clients who come to us for help and guidance, that we are who we say we are. We do what we promise to do. We will fight for your rights and will do that with the care and concern. In addition to this, we will keep you in the loop throughout your case so that you never feel as though you have been abandoned.

In short, the inadequate security lawyers in Walton County, the entire Scholle Law team will help you regain the life you had as far as possible before your injuries. We want to help you get back to that life and we are dedicated to holding those responsible for your injuries responsible and accountable.

If you would like to contact us you can call Scholle Law at 866-972-5287 or 770-717-5100. You can send us a message online or write us an email. Our help is just a call away and we do not charge for our evaluation. We also do not get our payment until we recover for you and you are paid.

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