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Ophthalmologist Malpractice

When we visit an eye doctor or ophthalmologist, we don’t expect to be seriously injured. We put trust in the expertise of our doctors. When an eye doctor’s treatment of the eye or an error in a surgical procedure results in an injury, a malpractice lawsuit can be brought for the patient’s injury, pain and suffering and other damages. Gwinnett County ophthalmologist malpractice lawyers, Scholle Law, have the knowledge and experience to provide legal help to injured patients. Whether you suffered an eye injury due to errors in a surgical procedure or neglect of your eye health, we can help. We handle many types of malpractice, including:

We visit an ophthalmologist so that we can make sure our eyes are healthy and do not have disease or when we have symptoms that indicate a problem. Sometimes another doctor refers us to a specialist in eye treatment. Ophthalmologists are specialists with a greater level of education about the eye and its diseases and treatment. As with all specialists, they should be board certified in their specialty. Their education does not end with board certification; they must continue maintaining a level of knowledge beyond a general practice doctor in eye-related issues. Some of these issues include more common problems like diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma or cataracts. Each of these problems and others, require differing treatments.

For example, a patient may visit an ophthalmologist to check into having Lasik surgery or cataract surgery. These surgeries require advanced skill. When an error occurs during surgery and one or both of the patient’s eyes are damaged as a result, the injuries can be severe. Vision can be impaired, or in the most serious cases, lost. This is why physicians carry medical malpractice insurance and patients need not be reluctant to seek money damages for their injuries.

One of the most common areas of ophthalmologist malpractice involves cataract surgery. When you have a cataract surgery and there is an error in the surgery, serious injury to the eye and even blindness can occur. Before an eye procedure such as Lasik surgery or cataract surgery, the doctor or his or her medical representative must get your informed consent. If they do not do so and you are injured, this can be raised in your malpractice lawsuit against the doctor. Even if you are told of surgical risks, the information must be thorough.

Another area of ophthalmologist malpractice occurs when you visit an eye doctor for an examination and the doctor fails to diagnose an existing disease or condition that could harm you, and as a result your condition worsens. Failure to treat in a timely fashion can cause damage to your eyes. Perhaps you have visited an emergency room for what might be retinal detachment. If this is not treated immediately, the results can cause very serious damage to your vision. A failure to treat the retinal detachment can be a basis for a malpractice case against various medical personnel who examined you

As with other physician malpractice cases, it is important to get legal support from Gwinnett County ophthalmologist malpractice lawyers at Scholle Law. We will talk with you about what happened to you and we will build a case for your injuries and seek monetary damages for them. In a process called discovery, we will obtain all relevant documentation and then carefully examine doctor’s notes, hospital or outpatient clinic records, nurses’ notes and many other documents that may be important in your case. We may take testimony under oath from your physician and how your procedure was performed. This requires the skill and expertise of attorneys who are steeped in medical and technical knowledge. We may even hire expert witnesses who will describe the standard of care that should have been a part of your treatment and how that fell short or failed.


Scholle Law is made up of ophthalmologist malpractice attorneys in Duluth who are experienced in litigating complex personal injury cases with skill and compassion. Clients rely on our firm to handle their legal matters during very challenging times in their lives. We will review your case and let you know if malpractice might have occurred. We do not get paid until your case is settled or we take your case to trial.

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