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As Gwinnett County injury lawyers, we have represented clients in serious personal injury, wrongful death and related matters for over two decades. Our legal representation has resulted in successful recoveries on behalf of victims of injury and their families who have suffered injury or the loss of a loved one due to the negligence or wrongful conduct of another person or entity. Scholle Law's singular focus is to work diligently and tirelessly to secure the best outcomes possible for our clients. Representative results of our dedication to excellence in law practice include:

$14,000,000 Medical Malpractice Verdict -- Scholle Law obtained a $14 million medical malpractice verdict against anesthesiology providers and their employers in Gwinnett County State Court when a patient lost her sight due to the negligent management of chemicals in the operating room. More details here. (2019)

$5,500,000 Auto Crash -- Settlement for a Gwinnett County resident who suffered a traumatic brain injury in a T-bone accident, suffering brain damage and multiple fractures.

$4,300,000 Wrongful Death -- Verdict in Fulton County case against a bar for over-serving a patron. Client was family of young woman who was killed after she was hit by multiple vehicles on Interstate 285 in Atlanta.

$2,025,000 Wrongful Death -- Settlement for Family of Woman Killed in Collision with Commercial Driver. (2018)

$1,550,000 Wrongful Death -- Motorcycle fatality involving failure to yield by automobile driver.

$915,000 Auto Accident Case -- Plaintiff suffered permanent orthopedic injury in car wreck.

$800,000 Life Insurance Company's Refusal to Pay Beneficiary -- Total recovery for life insurance company’s tortious denial of claim and refusal to pay benefits to beneficiary.

$625,000 Tractor Trailer Wreck Settlement -- Dekalb County woman injured when tractor trailer backed up and hit her, causing serious spine injuries.

$575,000 Multiple Truck Accident Settlement -- Settlement following a collision between three tractor trailers causing our client a cervical fracture at C6 and C7 and a displaced fracture at C5 which required surgical repair.

$500,000 Tractor Trailer Accident Settlement -- Federal Court case involving a Canadian Truck driver and Toronto-based trucking company and Gwinnett County mother. Mother suffered a neck injury when truck pushed her minivan into a ditch.

$450,000 Life Insurance Company's Refusal to Pay Beneficiary -- Verdict in Texas for elderly woman whom was denied life insurance proceeds from husband’s policy after insurance company representative failed to properly administer beneficiary forms and insurance company failed to pay benefits.

$441,000 Automobile Accident -- Gwinnett County woman suffered a meniscus tear to her knee, back injuries and post-traumatic headaches following a head-on collision.

$441,000 Auto Accident -- Woman and toddler son in Gwinnett injured in head on collision. Woman suffered fractured knee, back and neck injuries. Toddler suffered contusions and emotion distress.

$425,000 Insurance Bad Faith -- Out-of-state client received $425,000 on a $100,000 liability policy after the insurance company failed to pay following a time-limit demand. Client had 2 neck surgeries.

$400,000 Truck Accident -- Plaintiff required back surgery. Plaintiff's case made more difficult because of pre-existing back and neck issues.

$400,000 for Products Liability -- A combination settlement/verdict for serious eye injury caused by paintball gun accident.

$390,000 Tractor Trailer Accident -- Settlement involving a man who was sideswiped by a Schneider truck on Interstate 85 North near Columbus, Georgia. Client suffered a neck injury requiring surgery.

$360,000 Life Insurance Company's Refusal to Pay Beneficiary -- Scholle Lawrepresented a life insurance beneficiary who was refused proceeds from a life insurance policy because of the life insurance agent's mis-handling of the beneficiary designation form. Client obtained the proceeds of the policy in an interpleader action, received a settlement from the agent for professional negligence has suit pending against the life insurance company for damages.

$350,000 Rear-end Collision -- In a minor-impact collision, Client suffered back injury requiring two surgeries when she was hit from behind. The case settled for policy limits. (2018)

$300,000 Automobile Accident -- Driver in Gwinnett County was struck by a teenager who failed to yield while turning left. The client suffered serious injuries to his neck that required surgery. (2019)

$300,000 Motor Vehicle Accident -- Settlement for 23 year old college student in her last semester of school who was involved in a four car collision wherein she was struck by another vehicle head-on. She suffered a broken pelvis and broken clavicle bone and was left with permanent nerve damage in her foot.

$300,000 Premises Liability -- Plaintiff was injured after she was locked out on her patio and attempted to use the secondary egress ladder to exit the building. The egress ladder was not code compliant because it did not reach the ground and did not have a collapsible extension. Plaintiff suffered a fractured back.

$275,000 Rear-End Collision Involving Non-Commercial Truck -- Disabled Plaintiff who had undergone a previous cervical fusion surgery underwent an additional underwent cervical fusion surgery as a result of accident. Case resolved for single-limit policy limits.

$260,000 Automobile Accident -- Gwinnett County man suffered neck injury resulting in surgery following a collision with a teenaged driver who was texting.

$250,000 Wrongful Death of Prison Inmate -- Family of prison inmate settled claim for wrongful death as a result of failure to provide medical care.

$250,000 Automobile Accident -- Gwinnett County driver who suffered broken leg in a wreck at an intersection was awarded policy limits result.

$250,000 Auto Accident -- Failure to Yield automobile collision in Cobb County resulting in non-surgical herniated disc in the cervical region. Pre-suit independent medical examination was performed by insurance company in which doctor confirmed pathology.

$244,000 Wrongful Death -- Mother killed in auto accident. Limited insurance minimized recovery.

$240,000 Motor Vehicle Accident -- Jury Verdict for 62 year old who required surgical repair of herniated disks following a rear-end collision at a high rate of speed.

$240,000 Broken Finger -- A Fulton County jury awarded our client $240,000 for a broken finger suffered by a married woman who was grabbed by an inebriated married man who attempted to dance with her. The injury was a rotational fracture which caused an arthritic condition for the Plaintiff.

$225,000 Forklift Accident -- Fulton County man injured when a forklift collided into him and the forklift that he was operating. He suffered two broken legs.

$225,000 Child Sexual Abuse -- Minor assaulted by teacher at private school. (2018)

$225,000 Motorcycle Accident -- Settlement for a 23 year old Barrow County Resident after being struck by a cargo van while driving his motorcycle. He suffered a severe tibia fracture requiring surgery.

$200,000 Automobile Accident -- Policy limits settlement for Gwinnett County man that underwent a left shoulder surgery and low back surgery as a result of a motor vehicle collision. (2018).

$200,000 Policy Limits Settlement in Auto Accident -- Fulton County client injured neck when she was struck by a driver with Alzheimer's disease.

$200,000 Policy Limits Settlement -- Auto accident case involving a couple who suffered neck injuries when they were hit by a driver who left the scene of the accident. Neither injury required surgery.

$200,000 Auto Wreck -- Driver in Gwinnett County on her way home from work was struck by a commercial vehicle that failed to yield. Client had non-surgical back injuries and was out of work for extended period.

$200,000 Dump Truck Collision -- Policy limits settlement of case in which a dump truck driver was injured when his vehicle overturned in a collision with an automobile. The client suffered shoulder and neck injuries. (2018)

$200,000 LASIK Malpractice -- Doctor entered wrong data in LASIK machine, resulting in an improper LASIK tissue ablation. Patient suffered from permanent irregular astigmatism. (2018)

$200,000 Automobile Accident -- Gwinnett County woman suffered two fractured ribs, acute cervical, blunt abdominal trauma and blunt chest trauma as well as pain to her head, neck, and left shoulder following a collision with a van who ran a light at an intersection.

$200,000 Auto Accident with Unlicensed Minor -- Minor who did not have valid driver's license caused accident resulting in serious knee injury to our client. Our client underwent knee surgery and pathology and doctor's testimony suggested additional procedures could be needed. Policy limits settlement.

$200,000 Auto Accident Injury -- County Employee with Injury to cervical vertebrae requiring fusion surgery. Defendant and insurance carriers contested liability and blamed a phantom vehicle.

$200,000 Truck Accident -- Plaintiff suffered non-surgical back injury.

$200,000 Auto Accident -- Policy limits settlement for elderly couple who were killed an auto accident in a car driven by their daughter. Insurance company claimed intra-family insurance exclusion initially, but settled with our office once we were engaged.

$200,000 Auto Accident -- Policy limits settlement for victim of automobile accident who underwent two arthroscopic knee surgeries.

$200,000 Auto Accident -- Woman in Gwinnett suffered fractured ribs and alleged a traumatic brain injury as a result of another driver running a traffic signal. Case settled for policy limits.

$175,000 for Boating Accident Victim who Suffered a Facial Injury -- A middle-aged gentleman who was tubing on Lake Lanier received a pre-suit settlement of $175,000 from a driver of a vehicle who was pulling a boat out of the lake when he lost control and backed the boat into our client. Client suffered a serious facial laceration resulting in partial paralysis of some of the facial muscles.

$175,000 Auto Accident in North Carolina -- Chinese national and Dekalb County resident driving in the North Carolina mountains near the Georgia border was struck head-on by a drunk driver. Client was airlifted to South Carolina hospital and suffered serious injuries before hiring our firm to negotiate a policy limits settlement.

$150,000 Pedestrian Auto Mishap -- Gwinnett County teen suffered a brain injury when he fell off a vehicle on which he was riding. Client received policy limits settlement.

$150,000 Settlement for a Gainesville Man Hit from Behind -- Gainesville Georgia man was stopped and waiting to turn left in Hall County when his vehicle was rear-ended by an inattentive driver, resulting in spinal disc injuries for which surgery was recommended.

$150,000 Auto Accident Settlement -- Hall County auto accident settlement in which client suffered non-surgical herniated disc.

$150,000 T-Bone Auto Collision -- Auto accident settlement for Gwinnett County driver was broadsided in accident and suffered herniated disc requiring surgery.

$150,000 Auto Collision -- Gwinnett County auto accident client suffered a neck injury which ultimately resulted in him undergoing neck fusion surgery.

$150,000 Pedestrian Struck by Texting Teen -- Fifty year old woman working in yard was hit by a vehicle driven by a teen who was texting when she ran off the road and struck the client. The victim was airlifted to Grady Hospital for her injuries from which she ultimately recovered.

$150,000 Automobile Collision -- Policy limits settlement of liability and uninsured motorists coverage for woman who had a neck injuring requiring decompression and fusion of her C5-C6 vertebrae.

$150,000 Driver hit from Behind -- Policy limits settlement for driver who was hit from behind and underwent cervical fusion surgery.

$150,000 Auto Accident Injury -- Policy limits settlement for woman who underwent cervical neck fusion following an automobile accident.

$140,000 Automobile Accident -- Husband and wife from Catoosa County involved in a head-on collision suffered multiple fractures to their arms, legs, feet and face. Husband also suffered a traumatic brain injury.

$140,000 Motorcycle Accident -- Gwinnett County man suffered neck injury resulting in surgery following motorcycle lay-down incident with an automobile.

$135,000 Automobile Accident -- North Gwinnett resident suffered a spinal disc injury in a rear-end collision. Case was settled pretrial for the insurance policy limits.

$135,000 Auto Wreck -- Settlement of minor impact collision in which client suffered injured knee that required surgery. (2018)

$135,000 Car Accident for Rear-End Crash on I-85 -- A Gwinnett County nurse was stopped for traffic at the I85 exit ramp to Sugarloaf Parkway when she was hit from behind by an inattentive driver. The victim suffered a torn hip labrum requiring surgery, although the defense tried to argue that the condition was preexisting.

$134,000 Automobile accident -- Gwinnett County woman suffered a torn hip labrum resulting in surgery as well as back and neck injuries following a collision with another automobile.

$130,000 Automobile Accident -- Gwinnett County man suffered non-surgical neck and back injuries following a collision with an automobile.

$130,000 Auto Accident -- Man in Gwinnett suffered neck and back injuries as a result of another driver striking his vehicle.

$130,000 Auto Accident Air Bag Injury -- Combined policy limits settlement for automobile accident victim who suffered bilateral wrist ligament tears as a result of airbag deployment in relatively minor collision. Settlement was made just before trial.

$125,000 -- Settlement for our client's back injury following a three-car accident on GA 400.

$127,000 Automobile Collision -- Car crash involving a teenager who failed to yield at an intersection causing a collision with a car driving off an exit ramp. (2018)

$125,000 Auto Collision -- Settlement for policy limits involving a Gwinnett County woman hit head-on by a drunk driver, resulting in the loss of two teeth. (2018)

$125,000 Automobile Accident -- Gwinnett County law student who was a passenger in a vehicle suffered broken wrist, torn ligaments and tendons following head-on collision.

$125,000 DUI Auto Accident -- Settlement on DUI injury automobile accident on Interstate 75 near Tifton.

$125,000 Auto Accident Resulting in Cervical Fusion Surgery -- Woman in late 30s was rear-ended in a Georgia ice storm. She suffered bulging discs that compressed her nerve roots and caused her serious pain. Recovery was limited due to low insurance policy limits of offending driver.

$112,500 Slip and Fall from Loading Dock -- Man suffered broken foot from a fall at a loading dock which was inadequately lit and lacked code-compliant railings. (2018)

$110,000 Motor Vehicle Accident -- Settlement for 37 year old who suffered a meniscus tear in his knee when another driver crossed three lanes of traffic causing the collision.

$110,000 Boating Accident -- Plaintiff suffered a severe compound fracture of arm as a result of a boating accident.

$108,500 Motor Vehicle Accident -- Settlement for a 37 year old Gwinnett County Resident involved in a rear end vehicle collision with a commercial vehicle causing cervical disk protrusion.

$101,000 Wrongful Death -- Decedent died in drug overdose when homeowner did not call authorities for help during party. Settlement based on duty of homeowner to help one whom he knows is in grave danger based upon theory that homeowner supplied drugs.

$100,000 Bus Accident -- DeKalb County driver was side-swiped by a bus that failed to maintain its lane, resulting in injuries to the client's neck and back. (2019)

$100,000 Auto Accident -- Policy limits settlement for minor child who suffered serious head and spine injuries when a drunk driver crossed the double yellow line and caused a head-on collision. (2018).

$100,000 Drunk Driving Wreck -- Drunk driver struck a nurse arriving for work at a Gwinnett hospital. Case settled for policy limits. (2018)

$100,000 Pedestrian Hit by Car -- Pedestrian was hit by a car as she walked on the side of the road. Pedestrian suffered injuries to ribs and neck. Client was originally cited for walking in the roadway, but charges were dropped and defendant's insurance company paid its policy limits. (2018)

$100,000 Car Wreck -- Man injured shoulder in car wreck where the at-fault driver failed to yield at an intersection and T-boned client. (2018)

$100,000 Tractor Trailer Wreck -- Settlement of an Illinois collision involving a Georgia driver that resulted in minor shoulder injury. (2018)

$100,000 Auto Collision -- Settlement in rear-end collision in Savannah Georgia involving a Client with a pre-existing back condition. (2018)

$100,000 Motor Vehicle Accident -- Policy limits settlement for 17 year old who suffered nasal fracture, an acute distal radial fracture and a displaced ulnar styloid fracture which required surgical repair. Seventeen year old was a passenger in a vehicle driven by his friend who was under the influence of drugs when the at-fault crashed the vehicle into a ditch.

$100,000 Policy Limits Settlement in Motorcycle Accident -- Client suffered a non-surgical, soft tissue injury in when an automobile driver, who did not see her, pulled into the path of her Kawasaki motorcycle.

$100,000 Auto Accident -- Fulton County woman suffered back and neck injuries as a result of a rear-end collision. Surgery was recommended but was not pursued.

$100,000 Motorcycle Accident -- Gwinnett County man suffered a separated left shoulder and multiple abrasions and contusions trying to avoid a head on collision with another vehicle after his motorcycle endoed when he stopped short.

$100,000 Motorcycle Accident -- Our Gwinnett County client suffered a dislocated shoulder and multiple contusions as a result of another driver crossing in front of his lane of oncoming traffic.

$100,000 Motorcycle Accident -- Settlement in case in which a driver turned left in front of client, causing him to be ejected from his motorcycle and injure his shoulder.

$100,000 Automobile Accident -- Settlement in case in which client suffered a neck injury in Atlanta. Surgery to correct the injury was suggested but not done.

$100,000 Automobile Accident -- Settlement in Hall County, Georgia for a herniated cervical disc that did not require surgery. Client's vehicle was hit from behind.

$100,000 Side Impact Auto Collision -- Settlement for woman who was injured in accident in Lawrenceville. Victim underwent rotator cuff surgery.

$100,000 Verdict for Dog Bite -- Verdict for woman who was attacked by a neighbor's dog and suffered long-term arm and nerve damage resulting from the bite.

$100,000 Pit Bull Attack -- Homeowner policy limits settlement in case of 5 year old girl attacked by pit bull belonging to family member. Victim suffered multiple scars on lower extremities from scratches and bites.

$100,000 Auto Accident -- Policy limits settlement to driver who hit another who failed to yield at an intersection in Gwinnett County.

$100,000 for Slip and Fall -- Six figure settlement for customer who fell on icy pavement outside of a Gwinnett County stripmall. Client had a serious ankle injury.

$100,000 Premises Liability -- Plaintiff fell at Atlanta-area mall as a result of a negligently placed hand truck, suffering a knee injury that became infected, requiring lengthy hospital stay.

$100,000 Auto Accident Resulting in Lost Pregnancy -- A mother in her first trimester lost her pregnancy in an auto accident. There were causation issues and questions as to the timing of the miscarriage and whether it might have predated the collision.

$100,000 Auto Accident Resulting in Non-Surgical Neck Condition --Woman in her late 40's suffered a herniated disc that did not require surgery. She was hit from behind.

$100,000 Auto Accident -- Plaintiff suffered broken ribs and a traumatically induced paraesophegeal hernia which required surgical repair.

$100,000 Dog Bite -- Gwinnett County woman received $100,000 after she was bit by a Rottweiler dog at a picnic.

$100,000 DUI Auto Accident -- Policy limits settlement for driver with back injury resulting from being hit by an intoxicated driver.

$90,000 Cyclist hit by Car -- Settlement for cyclist hit by car in Gwinnett County. Cyclists was a triathlete who underwent rotator cuff surgery.

Undisclosed Significant Settlement -- Two University of Georgia students who were hit by a drunk driver received confidential settlements. Both passengers suffered serious injuries.

Confidential Significant Settlement -- Settlement for 24 year old passenger who suffered severe head trauma when drunk driver of the vehicle he was riding in crashed into a brick wall.

Confidential Significant Settlement -- Settlement for minor who was molested by her teacher at a private school.

Confidential Significant Settlement Premises Liability -- Settlement for broken ankle and foot for delivery driver after falling from a loading dock which was littered with debris and did not have any guardrails.

Client Reviews
I have had a great experience with Scholle Law. Since day one I was treated like family and everyone was very professional. Cherie
Charles Scholle is trustworthy. He is a man of his word. He has a heart of compassion, which is needed during a time of hardship and trauma. Joseph
My experience with Scholle Law was very positive. The people I dealt with were very forthcoming with information. They were always available when I had questions. They worked hard for me. Tabatha
Scholle Law was great. Staff was excellent, above and beyond - always! Enjoyed working together, I always felt informed. Michele
I was hit by a tractor trailer and Scholle Law was fantastic about finding me treatment. They were readily available with any questions, concerns and worked in my best interests. I have referred friends and family. Ten Stars for communication, responsiveness, quality of service and value! Five is not enough!! Sarah