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Experienced Personal Injury Attorneys in the Snellville, Georgia Region

Practice Area photo There’s no doubt about it, Gwinnett County has seen unprecedented growth in recent years. This newfound popularity and influx of people is happening all around the metropolitan region, and Snellville is no exception. Regardless of how this growth affects our community, our team at Scholle Law will be there to service the Snellville region. In-fact, we’ve been a part of the community for a number of years. We take great pride in providing our neighbors with legal advice and representation.

For Snellville residents old and new, Scholle Law is the name to know when in-need of legal help. From car accidents to workplace injuries, our personal injury attorneys have your back when you need it most.

Let’s take a look at some of the legal areas that we specialize in:

Auto Accidents

It’s easy to think it’ll never happen to you, but the truth is that traffic-related mishaps are in the rise in Georgia. According to a 2016 National Safety Council report, traffic fatalities in the state increased 34% between 2014 and 2016. State officials cite the usual causes for this abnormal trend: high speeds, intoxication, and distracted driving.

It’s fair to say that we meet most of our clients immediately following one of these auto accidents. Sometimes the incidents are severe and traumatic, while other times they only result in minor injuries. Regardless, it’s important to contact our offices in the event of a collision with another vehicle.

Traffic accidents can cause serious injuries, missed time from work, substantial property damage, or prolonged mental anguish, especially when the incident involves high-speeds or large commercial vehicles. If you’re involved in a car accident through no-fault of your own, consulting an attorney is undoubtedly in your best interest. An experienced personal injury lawyer will take these factors into consideration and argue for a fair settlement on your behalf.

Truck Accidents in Snellville

The American Trucking Association likes to state, “without trucks, America stops.” Truthfully however, commercial trucks pose a huge risk on Georgia roadways, and this risk is only becoming greater as Snellville grows in size. As our region increases in popularity, so does local industry and commerce. We’re already beginning to see more freight and commercial traffic come through Snellville, and we believe these traffic levels will only continue to rise.

Collisions with commercial trucks can result in serious injuries, catastrophic property damage, and sometimes death. Despite the precautions and regulations aimed to minimize trucking-related injuries, collisions with these massive freight vehicles are still on the rise. These dangers are only heightened when the drivers that control these large machines are not fully alert behind the wheel.

Truck driver fatigue is an issue of growing concern on roadways across the country. In-fact, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) recently passed regulations aimed to combat truck driver fatigue by limiting the number of daily hours a driver is allowed to operate their machine, capping the number of service hours per week, and enforcing mandatory breaks with shorter driving intervals. Unfortunately, some commercial freight companies implement systems that promote the explicit violation of these regulations, such as incentivizing speedy deliveries.

If you’ve been in an accident involving in a negligent truck driver, it is important to understand your legal rights. Appropriately, if a claim were to be filed, the freight company is usually one of the primarily liable parties. Proving negligence in these cases is no easy feat, which is why victims should turn to an experienced legal professional for help.

Medical Malpractice Claims

For folks in Snellville and the surrounding areas, there’s some confusion surrounding medical malpractice claims. In a medical malpractice suit, a claimant entrusts their well-being and livelihood with a medical professional—perhaps their primary care doctor, nurse, or surgeon—and the medical professional’s negligence results in catastrophe.

So what are some examples of medical malpractice? According to a recent study, the majority of malpractice claims made against physicians were related to misdiagnoses. Errors in medication prescription were the second most common cause of malpractice cases, accounting for 5.6% to 20% of all filed claims.

Obviously, healthcare professionals are not expected to be mistake-free for the entirety of their professional career. However, legal action should be taken when they knowingly deviate from the standard protocol. For instance, with the extensive use of electronic medical records and documented patient histories, there should be little reason that prescriptions are incorrect. When a patient has a fatal allergic reaction to a wrongly-prescribed medication, someone in the hospital must be held accountable.

If you feel you or a loved one may have been involved in a malpractice situation, contact our office today. You shouldn’t bear the financial and emotional burden of a medical provider’s negligence.

Premises Liability Suits

Premises liability—also called a slip-and-fall—is a type of personal injury claim that an individual may pursue if they slip, trip, or fall on the premises of another and, as a result, suffer an injury. Slip and falls can occur virtually anywhere, and may lead to significant injuries, especially for older individuals. For example, torn carpeting, slick steps, inadequate lighting, cracked walkways, and slippery floors are all common conditions that may lead to an individual falling as a consequence of a property owner’s inattention. Over the years, we’ve helped Snellville residents pursue compensation in all kinds of premises liability cases.

However, proving your fall is directly caused by another’s negligence is surprisingly difficult, thus it’s wise to speak to an experienced personal injury attorney. A quality attorney can discern whether your accident may constitute a strong and legitimate legal claim.

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I have had a great experience with Scholle Law. Since day one I was treated like family and everyone was very professional. Cherie
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Scholle Law was great. Staff was excellent, above and beyond - always! Enjoyed working together, I always felt informed. Michele
I was hit by a tractor trailer and Scholle Law was fantastic about finding me treatment. They were readily available with any questions, concerns and worked in my best interests. I have referred friends and family. Ten Stars for communication, responsiveness, quality of service and value! Five is not enough!! Sarah