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Practice Area photo Charles Scholle is proud to have represented many Suwanee residents who have suffered injuries in boating accidents, motorcycle accidents, serious car accidents, truck accidents and tractor trailer accidents. His main office is located on Sugarloaf Parkway near Lawrenceville in Gwinnett County. He serves clients throughout Metro Atlanta and the state of Georgia.

Charles and his team specialize in many forms of law, in particular:

Auto Accident Attorney in Suwanee GA

In a given year there can be up to 8,000 motor vehicle crashes resulting in injury in Suwanee, Georgia and surrounding areas. If you have been involved in a car accident in Suwanee, Georgia, getting in touch with an experienced attorney is the first step to ensuring you are doing what is best for you and your family. Experienced Suwanee auto accident attorney Charles Scholle can help you stand up for your legal rights and get any financial compensation that you deserve.

Immediately after the accident, it is best to get the names, addresses, and information of all those involved. This is important because information like the driver’s license numbers, witness accounts, and the insurance companies policy numbers will serve useful should you have to prove your case to an insurance company or jury. Take note of the circumstances of the accident. This includes where the accident happened, how it happened, and any other relevant details like the state of the other drivers. Remember the results of the accident like who was hurt, how badly, and whether there was any damage to the vehicles. Get the name of the police officer and the police report if possible.

Most importantly, make sure you are getting all medical treatments that you and your family needs, and be sure to continue getting this treatment should you need it. Whether you have suffered a minor bone injury or something more severe like a brain injury, having a record of you visiting the doctor is something that will help strengthen your case should you find yourself in that situation.

Shortly after the accident you will probably start getting calls from the insurance company. These calls can often be used to trick you into settling for less very quickly so your case can be easily dismissed. In this stressful time, you and your family can worry about physical and emotional recovery, because trusted auto accident attorney Charles Scholle will act as your legal representation and deal with these companies. If you believe that you have been injured in an auto accident in the Suwanee, Georgia area, contact Scholle Law to explore your legal options and make sure you are getting the justice you deserve.

Motorcycle Accident Attorney in Suwanee GA

Since a motorcycle offers almost no protection, when a motorcycle rider is involved in an accident, he is at high risk of being seriously hurt or even killed. In fact, in the United States, 80 percent of these accidents result in injury or death. These accidents can happen any day especially on the busy roads of Suwanee, Georgia. When that unexpected accident occurs and you need a personal injury attorney, Suwanee motorcycle accident attorney Charles Scholle is here for you and can get you compensation for your injury.

Although it may be difficult to think logically after such a traumatic incident, the best thing to do immediately following the motorcycle accident is to take note of the circumstances, go to a doctor even if you do not feel you are in serious pain, and contact a trusted motorcycle accident lawyer. If you have been the victim of a motorcycle accident, getting in touch with an experienced personal injury attorney immediately is essential to protecting your legal rights. The longer you wait to contact an attorney can mean that recovering financial compensation will become harder. By hiring a skilled motorcycle attorney, a motorcycle accident victim can help you recover financial compensation. Fair compensation will allow you to pay for any medical bills, whether they are for minor injuries like bone fractures or treatment for serious injuries like spinal cord injury. Other expenses that can be recovered includes lost wages, loss of enjoyment of life, physical and emotional suffering.

In the case of motorcycle accidents, the insurance company will have their own lawyer who wants to settle quickly and for as little money as possible. By trying to settle everything right away, the insurance company will can get out of paying any financial support that may be needed to deal with severe injuries that do not surface till some time after the accident itself. Insurance companies are working strictly to make economic decisions that minimize the amount of money paid out. It is for this reason that motorcycle riders should invest in motorcycle insurance, which is required by most states and can protect an injured rider against an underinsured or uninsured motorist.

If you or someone you know has been involved in a motorcycle accident in the Suwanee area, contact Charles Scholle so you can schedule a consultation at his Duluth office and begin the process to recovering the money that you deserve.

Wrongful Death Attorney in Suwanee GA

Fatal car accident happens every year in Suwanee, Georgia, and after those accidents, the families of the deceased are left helpless and frustrated. If you have lost a loved one due to the carelessness or recklessness of another person, you may be in a position to file a wrongful death suit against the person at fault. Even though your loved one can never be replaced and the pain that you and your family felt can never be taken away, sometimes just knowing that the person responsible for the death of your loved one is being held accountable for their actions can help bring about some closure. If you would like to file a suit, Suwanee wrongful death attorney Charles Scholle will fight to make sure justice is achieved and get any financial compensation that you are entitled to in this time.

Nothing can compare to the hardship that your family has to endure after losing a loved one. Charles Scholle understands that this time can be emotionally trying for you and will work to make sure that the life lost receives some measure of justice. By filing a wrongful death claim and contacting experienced wrongful death attorney Charles Scholle, the negligent person can be held responsible, and your family can get the justice they deserve.

In most cases in Georgia, immediate family members are the ones eligible to file a wrongful death lawsuit. These family members are referred to as the “distributes,” and are usually the wife or husband of the deceased, or in cases when there is no surviving spouse, the children or parents may bring forward the claim. However, in some unique circumstances, other relatives may be able to proceed with a claim on the behalf of their loved one.

Under Georgia law, the surviving family may seek compensation for medical bills for personal injuries like brain injury, funeral expenses, and any pain and suffering the negligent party has caused. Additionally, punitive damages may be an option if it is apparent that there was intent by the responsible party to cause harm. In some cases, families have been awarded thousands and hundreds of thousands in compensation.

In a wrongful death lawsuit, in order to obtain any compensation, one must be able to show four elements, which are the death of a human being, proof that the death was brought on by the negligence or intention of another person or company, the financial burden placed on surviving family members as a result of the death, and the appointment of a personal representative for the deceased’s estate.

If a loved one has died after a car accident or other type of accident resulting from the negligence of another individual or company, you should get in contact with an experienced wrongful death attorney immediately. Waiting too long can mean the difference between getting the justice your loved one deserves and being unable to file a wrongful death lawsuit. Call Scholle Law to get legal guidance regarding your situation.

Truck Accident Attorney in Suwanee GA

Suwanee, Georgia in Gwinnett County is a city with some fun outdoor spaces and things to do. It is also close enough to the metro area that are often trucks and cars using the same roads. When a truck crash happens in this area, and there are injuries you have a local highest-rated Suwanee truck accident attorney Charles Scholle and the law firm of Scholle Law.

Across the country and in our state, trucks carry many of the consumer goods we purchase and carry other cargo that keeps our economy going. But the problem is that trucks and other vehicles, including other trucks can become a real nightmare when they collide and cause a major accident. Any accident is major when you are the one who is injured. Even with a single car accident and a truck, the injuries can be quite serious. Although in recent years, there have been safety improvements in trucks, they are still very capable of harming other vehicles and their occupants when they hit them. And unfortunately, this is a common occurrence.

The statistics say it all, in 2016, a crash with a truck only seventeen percent of the fatalities after a truck crash are in the truck. Sixty six percent of the fatalities were those in cars or other motor vehicles and the remainder were motorcycles or pedestrians. What this means is that unless you are in a large truck, if another truck hits your vehicle you have a far greater likelihood of being harmed fatally and also a greater likelihood of being injured if you are lucky enough to survive. Clearly, every accident is different. We cannot address all circumstances here, but we can look at the patterns and statistics. Traveling on a road with a truck near you is something that can lead to serious injury and worse.

What is most important is to keep your distance from these vehicles. When you can, avoid traveling in the trucker's blind spot. This is very important because if the driver cannot see you in his or her side mirror, a truck lane change could end up in a collision with your vehicle being side swiped. Driving next to a truck's side can be a problem, especially when driving on the right side. If you can see the trucker, the trucker can likely see you in his or her side mirror. If you need to travel next to a truck try to move quickly forward in your lane if you are on the right. Regardless, a truck should not make and unsafe lane change. So if you are hit by a truck from the right side of the truck and you are injured, all factors must be determined as to why and how the lane change was made. Any vehicle making a lane change is required by law to do so safely.

Contacting Scholle Law, your Suwanee truck accident lawyers after a truck crash and injury is the first step in evaluating whether you should bring legal action against the trucker, its operator or others. We will evaluate the case at NO charge to you. And we don't get paid when the case is settled or tried, until you get paid.

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