How Can a Lawyer Help After a Motorcycle Accident?

A motorcycle wreck can be the most traumatic experience in your life. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration published statistics showing that motorcyclists are four times more likely to experience a motorcycle crash injury than a passenger vehicle. Not only that, but motorcyclists are 24 times more likely to die too. 

Motorcyclists are aware of the dangers they face. Even when you ride safely, it does not prevent another vehicle from crashing into you. While a motorcycle accident is disturbing, you deserve compensation when it happens, and it is not your fault.

Protecting your rights and receiving the maximum dollar amount is challenging. It can seem like navigating a complex maze on your own.

The best decision you can make following a motorcycle wreck is to contact a motorcycle lawyer as soon as possible, and here is why.

A Motorcycle Lawyer Determines Liability

Before filing a motorcycle accident claim, you will need evidence to prove who is at fault. It is vital to identify the following statements:

  • The motorcycle wreck occurred and resulted in your motorcycle crash injury
  • The motorcycle accident was due to the at-fault party’s negligence
  • You suffered damages because of the crash

A brilliant motorcycle lawyer will compile a substantial insurance claim. This includes gathering supporting details like medical records, eyewitness depositions, copies of reports, any photos from the scene, etc.

Protects Your Rights

Before going to court, you often must deal with the insurance company to settle the claim and stop a future suit. The challenge with insurance is that they usually use industry language that the typical person does not often understand. This makes it that much easier for them to trick you.

They give you complex rhetoric and are experts in getting an injured party to say something on a recorded line that could hurt their case. One tactic is asking confusing questions. Another tactic is to catch you off guard.

However, they usually try to lowball your motorcycle accident claim using jargon you cannot follow. With a motorcycle lawyer on your side, this will never happen. An experienced attorney is your advocate, helping you to solidify your case and ensure that you do not take any steps that would hurt your case.

Negotiates Your Insurance Claim

The most essential part of negotiating the insurance claim for your motorcycle accident is coming to the table prepared. A motorcycle lawyer often deals with these negotiations, so they know what to expect. They also understand that the insurance company is only interested in their agenda, which is making profits.

The best way to receive the compensation you deserve is to give your attorney all the proof you have. Arming a motorcycle attorney with evidence allows them to get insurance companies to agree to the maximum insurance claim amount.

Evidence to Gather

Remember that you must help your motorcycle attorney with estimates for repairing the motorcycle, any other property damage, and medical bills. If you have contact information for eyewitnesses, your attorney can gather depositions. Also, let the lawyer know if there is a police report.

Some other details that can increase your award are pay stubs showing lost wages and photos or videos of the motorcycle accident. With solid evidence, a motorcycle lawyer can negotiate the insurance claim and settle it to your advantage.

Pursues Legal Action When Needed

Not all insurance claims will have the outcome you wish. An experienced motorcycle lawyer may need to take the case to court in these cases. Filing a suit requires the same evidence, but how it is structured to make it compelling for a judge and jury will be unique.

You want to have a legal advocate already intimately involved with your case and be able to take your insurance claim away from the insurance company and go straight to the courtroom. However, these cases often do not see a trial because the insurance may settle to avoid it.

Unfortunately, when the insurance is not doing the right thing during the claim process, they need a little push, and this requires the threat of legal action. Telling the insurance company that you will file suit means that, if necessary, you must follow through on it should they still not correctly settle the matter. 

Represents You in Court

While settlements are often the case, you will sometimes need to follow through with a lawsuit. The severity of the case indicates you need to go to trial. Money Geek reveals that while motorcycles account for only three percent of all registered U.S. vehicles, 14% of all traffic fatalities are from motorcycle accidents. 

Going to court requires a particular skill set. You must understand how it works, what to present during the case, and when to object to witnesses and evidence presented by the defendant.

An intelligent motorcycle lawyer who has trial experience is exactly what you will need to win the day.

Ensures You Receive the Proper Compensation

The Georgia Department of Driver Services recently published a fact sheet showing motorcycle-related emergency room and hospitalization charges totaled $221 million. The medical bills alone can be devastating. 

For a motorcycle crash injury, a motorcycle lawyer will wait until you recover as much as possible from a physician’s medical treatment. This is called MMI, or maximum medical improvement.

Waiting will allow a lawyer to calculate the total damages. They need to include the past medical costs, but they should also know what the future costs will be before settling.

A Motorcycle Lawyer Who Will Handle Motorcycle Wreck

Georgia is an exciting place to ride a motorcycle. They are fun and fuel-efficient, making them an attractive mode of transportation.

However, even the most experienced enthusiast can experience a motorcycle wreck. When this happens, it is critical to have an advocate who will fight for you.

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