Seizure Disorders Caused by Accident Trauma in Georgia

Traumatic brain injuries are devastating for the victim. Impairments vary depending on the type of trauma. An accident resulting in a seizure disorder can leave the victim many functional faculties of her brain, but the seizure patient is always anxious, afraid that a seizure might occur at an inopportune time. I have represented many clients with seizure disorders that were caused by head trauma. In fact, my very first client suffered a seizure disorder as a result of a serious traumatic injury. Because of the side effects, he was unable to take dilantin to treat the seizure, so he had to seek other medications. Seizure medications are often expensive, physically draining and have side effects that are very difficult to tolerate.


Brain Injury 2.jpgThe science of brain injury is complicated and sometimes difficult to decipher, even for expert doctors, and seizure disorders are one area of medicine that has not been adequately understood. This is changing. Modern medicine has developed devices that fit inside the head and countermand the electrical impulses that can lead to seizures. However, many more years of clinical tests are necessary before many of these mysteries will be unlocked. Many times the seizures can be controlled, but they are usually present for the life of the patient.


Brain injuries from traumatic accidents like automobile accidents, boating accidents, motorcycle accidents, truck accidents, premises liability and other types of injuries that occur because of someone else’s fault are particularly devastating because they occur without warning and without any opportunity to prepare you or your family financially, emotionally or logistically. Epileptics and other seizure disorder patients often are not allowed to drive or operate heavy equipment. This affects their mobility and their ability to maintain employment. If the uncertainty and upheaval associated with a traumatic brain injury has affected you or someone in your family, contact a well respected Georgia brain injury and seizure injury attorney.