What to Do if You’re in a Commercial Vehicle Accident in Atlanta, GA

A commercial vehicle hit my car, or a commercial vehicle hit me; what should I do? These are, unfortunately, two common questions, with around 12 million commercial vehicles on the roads in the US. So, what should you do when involved in a commercial vehicle crash in Atlanta? 

When you are involved in a commercial vehicle accident, you need to protect your rights and prove you were not at fault. It is best to hire a local accident attorney for legal support, such as a Decatur and Atlanta commercial vehicle accident lawyer.

Read on to learn more about what you need to do if you are involved in an Atlanta or Decatur commercial vehicle accident and when to call an accident attorney. 

A Commercial Vehicle Accident: Next Steps

After a commercial vehicle accident is important to check yourself for injuries and check if everyone else is okay. Even if there are no visible injuries, it is important to seek medical attention as soon as possible to be on the safe side. You should keep any medical reports in case you need them as evidence for your case. 

Once you have established that everyone is okay, it is time to move to a safe space away from danger and take the following steps.

Call the Authorities

It is important to contact the police to notify them of the accident and medical services if someone is injured. The authorities will help ensure any cars are safely removed from the scene. They will also provide a police report, which you may have to use as part of your evidence when submitting an accident claim.

Collect Witness and Driver Information

Were there any witnesses at the scene? Ask for their contact details, as they can provide valuable evidence that you were not at fault. Keep their details in a safe place for your Atlanta or Decatur commercial vehicle accident attorney to be able to contact at a later date.

You need to collect the driver’s information. Get their full name, contact details, license plate number, and insurance information. Also, gather any other useful details, such as the truck company name if you were involved in a commercial truck crash

Gather Evidence

If you are feeling physically well after a commercial vehicle crash, try to gather some evidence. For example, you can take images of the damage to vehicles, license plate numbers, and any company logos. You should also take photos of the conditions of the road, such as potholes or skid marks. 

These details can become invaluable evidence at a later date. Your Atlanta commercial vehicle accident lawyer will utilize evidence like this to build your case and fight for the justice you deserve.

Contact an Atlanta Commercial Vehicle Lawyer 

It is beneficial to contact commercial vehicle accident attorneys in Decatur and Atlanta as soon as possible. They can help oversee any discussions with your insurance company and other parties from the beginning. They will provide legal assistance to help you navigate the claim and ensure it is settled as soon as possible. 

File an Insurance Company Claim

You or your accident attorney will file a claim to your insurance company for the commercial vehicle crash. Your claim may involve any medical expenses and other non-medical bills, such as money lost from not working. You may also claim based on any mental health issues you have experienced as a result of the commercial accident.

If you end up contacting your insurance company before hiring a commercial vehicle accident attorney, do not sign anything before seeking legal advice. You should also wait before submitting a statement. Otherwise, you may end up giving less compensation than you deserve or even dismissing your commercial vehicle accident claim.

Follow Legal Guidance

It is also important to wait and get guidance from a lawyer in case there are any disputes about who is at fault. A commercial accident lawyer will help build a strong case on your behalf. Follow their advice to avoid making mistakes with your claim and ending up with more stress when you should be focusing on recovery. 

95% of personal injury cases are settled outside of court. However, if your case does end up going to court, your lawyer will also support you through this process. 

Finding a Commercial Vehicle Accident Lawyer

A commercial vehicle hit me; now what? Now you have followed the steps of what to do after a commercial vehicle crash; you need to find a reputable Atlanta commercial vehicle accident lawyer. Some considerations to help your search include the following:

  • Reputation
  • Legal fees
  • Availability 
  • Location 
  • Experience 
  • Licenses

The first step is to check their reputation by reading customer testimonials and checking reviews online. You want to make sure their reputation matches their promises.

You can also check the company history, the educational background of attorneys, and their licenses. A well-established company that is familiar with the Atlanta and Decatur area will be able to navigate your case with ease. They will be familiar with similar commercial truck crashes and Georgia law. 

Using a lawyer from a different state or area can cause multiple problems. They may not be well-versed in the state laws to manage your case or have the right licenses to operate in Georgia. Plus, it will be harder for you to access them when you need to meet in person. 

Instead, find local commercial vehicle accident attorneys in Decatur. Check their pricing structure in advance and get a written contract to ensure you are both on the same page. 

Atlanta Commercial Vehicle Accident Lawyer

If you have been searching “a commercial vehicle hit my car,” you can now know what steps to take. It is important to take a breath and recover after a commercial vehicle crash, which is another reason why an Atlanta commercial vehicle accident lawyer will be invaluable in helping your case.

Focus on recovery while your accident lawyer focuses on protecting your legal rights and getting you the compensation you deserve. Scholle Law has served areas in Georgia, such as Atlanta and Decatur, for over 25 years. Contact us for a free consultation to learn more about how we can help you.