Everything You Need to Do After a Truck Accident

Between January and March 2023, there were 18 heavy truck accidents in Atlanta, GA, and 11 of them happened in March alone. This increase is a cause for concern, especially if you’re often on the road.

It can already be harrowing enough to be involved in a collision with another vehicle; add a large and heavy truck to the equation, and there can be serious consequences.

Don’t wait until you have a truck accident injury to find out what to do in this situation. Read on to see what you need to do, according to an Atlanta truck accident lawyer.

Check Everyone’s Condition

These accidents are often serious, so it’s very likely that you or someone else has a truck accident injury. This means it’s essential to check everyone’s condition. Call 911 right away if anyone needs immediate medical attention.

Otherwise, get everyone to a safe location if possible. Don’t move the vehicles, as this keeps the scene intact.

Make sure you put on the hazard lights for all vehicles though. This ensures that the oncoming traffic is aware of the vehicles there and won’t collide with them.

Call 911

Regardless of how you’re feeling, do not leave the scene. Any Atlanta and Decatur truck accident attorney will tell you that it’ll be counted as a hit-and-run if you do that.

It’s almost certain you’ll have to call 911, even if no one needs immediate medical attention. This is because according to Georgia law (Official Code of Georgia Annotated (OCGA) § 40-6-273), you need to inform the local police department if there are injuries, deaths, or property damage of over $500.

When the officers arrive, they’ll create an accident report. Make sure you get a copy, as you’ll need it for your truck accident case if you file one.

Exchange Information With Everyone

If you don’t need to go to the emergency room, then the next step is to exchange information with the other drivers. Crucial pieces of information include:

  • Full names
  • Phone numbers
  • Addresses
  • Email addresses
  • Driver’s license numbers
  • Insurance information

Regarding the trucker, you should get their employer’s information if applicable.

Note down the details of all vehicles involved in the collision, such as the makes, models, and colors. Pay particular attention to the truck; for instance, jot down any specific markings or decorations it may have.

Get Statements From Witnesses Too

If you were fortunate to have uninvolved people see the accident and they’re still at the scene, then get their contact information too. Having statements from witnesses can be useful for your truck accident case, as they can confirm or refute statements from those in the accident.

Watch Your Words

While interacting with those at the scene, watch what you say. Something as simple as an “I’m sorry” can be construed as you admitting fault. Even if you think the accident was your fault, that should only be something you discuss with your truck accident attorney in Decatur or Atlanta.

If the truck driver’s employer tries to ask you any questions, refuse to answer them.

You should watch what you post on your social media accounts too. Don’t say anything about the crash, even if your posts are friends-only. It’ll be too easy for someone to screenshot your post, then share it with others.

Eventually, the screenshot can make it into the wrong hands, whether it’s accidental or malicious. It’s best to keep quiet until after the case is settled.

Take Pictures and Videos

Document as much of the scene as you can. Use your smartphone to take pictures and videos of not only the accident scene, but also the vehicles from all angles, as well as you and your passengers’ injuries.

Did the weather play an important part in the crash? For example, maybe the rain caused the truck to jackknife and hit you. In this case, take pictures of the sky and get videos of the heavy rain, which will be helpful in your truck accident claim if you seek an Atlanta truck accident attorney.

Get Prompt Medical Attention

If you were lucky enough not to get seriously hurt in the accident, you still need to see a doctor as soon as you can after you’re finished at the scene. This is true even if you don’t feel any pain or see any injuries; the shock and adrenaline from the crash can mask symptoms.

Plus, some injuries like whiplash can take a few days to exhibit symptoms. Since you might think you’re fine, you can end up exacerbating injuries, so it’s vital that you’re assessed by a medical professional right away.

In addition, if you don’t seek medical attention promptly after the crash, this can reflect badly on your claim. An Atlanta and Decatur truck accident attorney would advise you to make an appointment ASAP.

Contact an Atlanta Truck Accident Attorney

Do you want to pursue a legal case? This can be beneficial, especially if there are injuries involved and you’re not at fault.

You’ll need to find the best representation to ensure proper care if the insurance company doesn’t play fair.

So taking the time to hire an excellent Atlanta truck accident lawyer will be worth it. For example, we at Scholle Law have a quick 24-hour turnaround time if you have an injury caused by a truck accident in Georgia, and you’re not at fault.

Talking to your lawyer will take the stress off your shoulders and help you focus on healing and recovering.

An Atlanta Truck Accident Lawyer Can Help

Going through a truck accident can be terrifying and traumatic, especially if your car’s totaled and you have serious injuries. However, you can pursue compensation, especially if you weren’t at fault.

With the aid of a reputable Atlanta truck accident lawyer, you can navigate the process with ease. This will allow you to move on with your life as best as possible.

Looking for a truck accident attorney in Decatur or Atlanta? Then contact us now. We offer free consultations 24/7 and can help with your truck accident claim.