Georgia Truck Accidents: Always a Fight!

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Georgia Truck Accidents: Always a Fight!

Big trucks keep the world running. Look around your office or your home.  Try to find something that has never been in a truck.  You probably can’t do it. The shoes on your feet? The shoes reached the store by truck. Your lunch from earlier? All those goods arrived in a truck. How are you reading this? Phone, tablet or computer? All were on a truck at one time or another.

We can’t enjoy the food we crave or the must-have items we buy from Amazon without professional truck drivers. Did you know that there are over 2,000,000 heavy truck and tractor trailer truck drivers employed in the United States? There are more truck drivers in the U.S. than the combined total populations of Wyoming, Vermont and North Dakota. The number of professional truck drivers and trucks have accompanying considerations. For instance, it is a sign that our economy continues to move forward. Also, it means we can have the goods that we need. Lastly it signifies the reality that truck accidents will occur.

Georgia truck accidents happen every day. Recent statistics show that Georgia is geographically positioned in the only part of the United States (the southeast) where traffic-related fatalities increased in 2019.  Georgia’s highways are the setting for car versus truck accidents almost daily. Often when these accidents occur there are difficulties in moving forward from the very outset. Difficulties range from filing the initial claim to the uphill battle with making the insurance company pay the claim. All Georgia truck accidents are different and vary based on accident facts and injuries. While they are difficult, they also all require a fight where an experienced truck lawyer is a real asset.

Scholle Law represents Georgia truck accident victims. We understand that these accidents are often some of the worst that we see. We also understand that the insurance company has deep pockets and the resources to put up a strong defense.  Our attorneys know the importance of a thorough investigation to secure important evidence. We also have the resources to investigate serious truck accidents. When necessary we work with trucking accident experts to help build our cases. Here we discuss these foregoing issues as well as the importance of hiring an experienced Georgia truck accident lawyer.

Insurance Companies Have the Resources to Defend Truck Accidents

The trucking company’s insurance company generally becomes involved in a truck accident shortly after the accident occurs. The trucking company and their insurance company will immediately begin to investigate the accident. Depending on the severity, they may have their team at the scene within hours of an accident occurring. At the scene they will look for information because they want to know what happened. The want to know who is at fault so they can plan their next steps. It is mostly about protecting their own interests.

An upper hand on the investigation is one of the most important advantage for the insurance company. They know most people do not have the resources or know-how to promptly investigate. They know what this means for their case. These differences in resources disadvantage potential cases against negligent trucking companies. Without the proper investigation and expertise, the accident victim’s case begins behind the eight ball.

There is good news for injured parties that do not have the resources to investigate. Some cases do not involve liability problems. Even so, the insurance company will fight hard to disprove the severity of injured person’s injuries and damages. Many do, but not all injury claims settle out of court. The insurance company has the resources to fight in court. They will have experienced lawyers and experts to make their case and they will not go down without a fight.  

Trucking Accident Victims Have a Right to Investigate the Accident

As soon as that accident happens, important information and evidence will begin to disappear. We do not intend to say that every accident involving a big truck must result in an extensive accident. There are minor accidents that involve tractor trailers and cars. However, the importance of investigating an accident with serious or catastrophic injuries cannot be overstated.

Most truck accident victims have never been in a truck accident. They do not know about the importance of investigating a truck accident.  An experienced truck accident lawyer knows the significance of the investigation. It is one of the first things they do after being hired. This means making sure that the truck and other evidence is secure. Then the lawyers and experts examine it. The lawyers may also want to look at data from the truck’s computer or the truck’s manifest / other documents. A review of this information shows how long the driver had been driving since his/her last rest. It also shows whether the vehicle had any recent repairs or other safety issues.  Because of the complexity of truck accidents, other information may require the assistance of an expert.  

Experts Can Make a Difference on a Truck Case

Some lawyers handle certain types of cases. They may do so exclusively for many years. Even with years of handling complex trucking cases, lawyers from time to time will retain a trucking expert. Trucking experts build accident reconstruction report and analyze other complex data. Additionally, providing their testimony at trial helps support client’s cases. Experienced lawyers that handle serious Georgia truck accidents know the importance of working with experts.   

Truck Accidents Often Have Catastrophic Results

All motor vehicle accidents can be deadly. Truck accidents involve extremely large and powerful vehicles known for causing serious and deadly injuries. For instance, getting rear ended by a sedan (depending on speed, etc.) would probably not result in the same type of injuries and damages that would be caused by being rear ended by a tractor trailer. Simple physics concepts support the idea of why truck accidents can result in such catastrophic damages.

Catastrophic injuries from truck accidents are life changing. Injuries can result in long term recovery and even permanent disability. The costs associated with hospitalization, surgery, physical therapy, future medical care and lost income devastate accident victims. Insurance companies know injury accidents cause significant financial losses to those impacted by serious or catastrophic injuries.

Insurance companies have the resource of time.  The insurance company does not have rush to settle the claim.  In fact, the insurance company is not “on the clock” generally until a lawsuit is filed. Insurance companies may use time and an injury victim’s medical bills in their case strategy. For instance, they may try to entice the injured party into taking a small settlement. When the alternative is a trial that could take years to resolve, the offer may seem attractive.

Experienced Truck Lawyers Know Insurance Company Tactics

The previous information explains how Georgia truck accidents are difficult. This information also illustrates why Georgia truck accident victims need an experienced trucking lawyer by their side. Experience and resources are the driving forces behind winning truck cases.  Skill and expertise are among those resources as well. The Scholle Law Firm knows what it takes to get their clients the compensation they deserve. Experience, resources and know how are just three of the things that Scholle Law can provide.

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