Anticipating Motorcycle Accidents: Defensive Driving Tactics

An aggressive driver flies through an intersection after the stoplight’s gone red. A distracted driver turns out in front of a motorcycle on a back county road. A clueless driver slams on their brakes inexplicably. 

These are all things that can (and do) happen on the road and, as a motorcyclist, you need to be ready for them. This requires a concept known as defensive driving. 

Now, what does defensive driving entail for motorcyclists? This Duluth motorcycle wreck attorney is going to tell you to help you avoid a motorcycle accident in Georgia and beyond. 

Prioritize Maintenance

When it comes to vehicle maintenance, upkeeping a motorcycle is much more important than upkeeping a car. Why? Because if something goes wrong, the stakes are much higher. 

Think about it: if the tire on your car blows, you’ll simply have to slow down and roll the vehicle to the side of the road. Conversely, if the tire on your motorcycle blows, you risk losing control of the motorcycle, thus getting in an extremely serious accident. 

This is why, as a motorcycle wreck attorney, our first piece of advice is to prioritize the maintenance of your motorcycle. Inflate its tires as needed, check its oil as needed, assess its brakes, and give it a quick check each time you ride it. You can learn more about motorcycle maintenance at this link. 

Be Cautious at Intersections

Intersections are where truly bad things can happen on the roads. Not only might you have vehicles flying through them during green lights, but you might also have vehicles turning right on red or, of course, turning left in front of oncoming traffic. In essence, at an intersection, all sorts of bad things can happen. 

This is why, especially on a motorcycle, you need to be cautious at intersections. Heighten your focus, shift your eyes to assess all areas of the intersection, and maybe even slow down a bit as you’re going through them. 

Drive With Clearance

Our next tip is to drive with clearance. Don’t tailgate the vehicle in front of you. Keep enough space so that you can brake entirely in the case of a sudden stop. 

How much space? Generally speaking, 3 seconds of space is advised. So, if the vehicle in front of you were to stop immediately, you would want enough space so that, if your motorcycle were to keep going, it would take 3 seconds to finally make contact with that stopped vehicle. 

This obviously doesn’t need to be exact. It’s just a quick formula to keep in mind. Consider the speed you’re going and try to get a feel for how big of a distance 3 seconds would be. 

If you do end up running into the back of another vehicle, you might still be eligible to file a claim. For more information, speak with motorcycle accident attorneys. 

Wear Protective Gear

When you wreck a car, you might get a little neck pain (though worse can, of course, happen). When you wreck a motorcycle, however, you’re almost sure to incur a severe injury.

This is why you need to wear as much protective gear as possible. This includes not only a helmet but thick clothing, gloves, boots, and maybe even knee and elbow pads. 

These pieces of equipment could save you from serious injury and maybe even save your life. Wearing them is an integral part of defensive driving for motorcyclists. 

Look Ahead for Hazards

Because motorcycles balance on two wheels, they can easily be thrown off their balance by hazards on the road. Whether these hazards be trash, potholes, bumps, loose gravel, or otherwise, they have the ability to spin a motorcycle out of control, resulting in serious injury. 

This is why, as a motorcyclist, you need to look ahead for hazards. Always be ready for what might be coming, and be prepared to avoid it in a slow and measured manner. 

If you do wreck due to hazards in the road, you might be able to file a lawsuit as a means of obtaining compensation. Seek the help of motorcycle wreck attorneys before commencing your insurance claim. 

Check Your Mirrors Regularly

One of the keys to avoiding a motorcycle accident in Georgia is checking your mirrors regularly. Knowing what’s coming up behind you can allow you time to maneuver out of the way of potential accidents. 

Truthfully, you should check your mirrors every few seconds. This is particularly true when you’re coming to a stop, as the driver behind you might not realize that traffic is slowing. Being able to see them gain ground on you gives you the opportunity to quickly get out of the way. 

If a driver does run into you from behind, you should seek out motorcycle accident lawyers. They’ll help you file a successful claim, thereby obtaining settlement money for you. 

Make Yourself as Visible as Possible 

Our last tip is to keep yourself as visible as possible. The easier you are to see, the less likely it is that someone will run into you or, for example, turn out in front of you. Motorcycles can be difficult for other drivers to see, which is why they’re commonly involved in accidents. 

Now, what should you wear? Bright clothing or reflective clothing is best. Make sure that your lighting is fully functional as well. 

If you are involved in an accident where another driver had trouble seeing you, speak with a Duluth motorcycle accident lawyer. 

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