Decatur Catastrophic Injury Lawyer

Catastrophic injuries are more serious compared to normal injuries such as sprained ankles or bruises. Catastrophic injuries involve injuries to the brain, spinal cord, or spine. Also, they may include skull or spinal injuries.

In short, catastrophic injuries are critical and they can result in permanent damage to the victim. If you have encountered catastrophic injuries in an accident, the consequences might have an impact for a lifetime.

Apart from the suffering, victims of catastrophic injuries deal with extreme emotional, personal, and financial setbacks alongside reduced earning capacity. In that case, you need a good Decatur Catastrophic Injury Lawyer to help you get the necessary compensation.

What is a catastrophic injury lawyer and how can they help you?

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If you have suffered catastrophic injuries, a catastrophic injury lawyer can help you with the necessary compensation that you need to survive. Because the injuries caused have a serious impact on our life, you are entitled to an injury settlement.

In the State of Georgia, you get legal compensation for the life-threatening harm that you have to endure. A catastrophic injury lawyer will help you through the legal procedure of holding the party liable for your damage after the accident.

They are experienced lawyers who will help you get maximum compensation for your case. They will handle the legal aspects of the case while you focus on recovering. The lawyer will investigate the accident, negotiate with insurance companies, file documents, speak with other professionals and witnesses, and other aspects that relate to the case.

Even in case of wrongful death, a claim against the person liable will be filed. This type of claim is brought through civil action by a close family member of the deceased. Whatever the case, the victim will receive compensation for their loss and this is how a catastrophic lawyer works to bring justice.

What are the types of catastrophic injuries?

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In the State of Georgia, there are three types of catastrophic injuries.

  • Physical – These kinds of injuries include organ damage, burns, amputation, severe fracture, and damages done to orthopedic tissue.

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  • Cognitive – These kinds of injuries include brain damage that results in the victim’s ability to create new memories, speak, or even work.

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  • Spinal cord – Any kind of injury related to the spinal cord that results in permanent mobility issues.

Although catastrophic accidents are caused by vehicle accidents, there are several ways to become a victim of a catastrophic injury. Following are some of the accidents that result in such events:

What are the legal options available to you after the catastrophic injury?

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Following are the legal options that are available to you.

  • Personal injury claim
    In the State of Georgia, you can bring a civil claim against the party responsible for the accident that resulted in your injury. These are the injuries that resulted from the party’s negligence.

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  • Workers’ Compensation Claim
    If you are covered under worker’s compensation insurance, this should cover your lost income and medical bills. But the compensation has limitations and won’t cover the full extent of your financial harm.

How to choose the right catastrophic injury lawyer

Below listed are some ways that help you find the right catastrophic lawyer you need.

  • Evaluate their experience – The more experience the lawyer has in terms of dealing with personal injury law, the better your chances of winning the case. Hence, a lawyer with many years of expertise in this area can bring great results. So, ask your lawyer about their experiences.
  • Make sure they have an impressive success rate – No wonder, people will choose lawyers who recovered millions of dollars for their clients. A lawyer who has a robust track record of success is important to you.
  • Observe their engagement with you – To win any legal fight, it is crucial to have a client-attorney relationship. Therefore, ensure that your lawyer is interested in what you want from the case. They should have a thorough conversation with you.
  • Know their payment method – Knowing the payment model at the beginning help avoid confusion later. Is there free initial consultation? Is there any contingency fee? Are the fees paid by the defendant or adjusted from your settlement? These are some questions you need to know at the beginning.
  • Additional resources that they offer – Some lawyers provide their clients with additional resources. Certain personal injury law companies offer the highest level of assistance to clients.

These might include assistance in knowing several elements of the case. As a result, it creates less hassle and gives you a smooth experience.

How to file a lawsuit after a catastrophic injury?

Most of the time, catastrophic accidents are caused by actions such as distracted, reckless, or drunk driving. When the party involved in the accident doesn’t follow proper traffic laws or has been accused of DUI previously, a catastrophic injury attorney is the best option.

They will file a lawsuit on your behalf and help you get fair compensation. The lawsuit starts when the complainant seeks compensation for the catastrophic injury. In the complaint, your lawyers will explain to the court what you want and it may include the amount you seek as well. The discovery period initiates when both parties complete the court proceedings.

How to deal with the insurance companies after the incident?

Oftentimes, insurance companies would reach out to the victims who suffered from personal injuries shortly after the accident. Their main purpose is to settle a claim as quickly as possible. That way, they avoid court proceedings and save a lot in terms of time and money.

But the victim gets less amount in settlement and the amount isn’t worth it. The insurance companies are aware that the victim is likely to accept a fast settlement due to the fear that they may not receive a higher amount.

On such occasions, it is wise to contact a good personal injury lawyer who will represent you on your behalf. They will negotiate directly with the insurance companies. The best part is that the lawyers are aware of the extent of the loss you have endured. And, seek appropriate compensation for your damage.

How does a catastrophic injury attorney help you recover from your loss?

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In the State of Georgia, a good catastrophic lawyer will help you recover your loss in the following ways:

  • Investigate – A good lawyer is a good detective who will find key information and build a strong case. The investigation includes requesting camera footage, asking for additional reports, talking to the witnesses, studying the scene of the accident, researching the scope of insurance, and working with other professionals.
  • Finding out the person liable for – When it is about car accidents, the only party responsible may not be the at-fault driver. There could be other parties involved such as the vehicle that hit you was a commercial vehicle if the driver was employed if the driver was driving for Lyft or Uber, and many more. It is important to identify additional parties and proceed with the case.
  • Gather necessary documents – The lawyers will analyze medical expenses, and find out lost wages, and other types of economic losses. Even if you are improperly identified as the person at-fault, the right lawyer can help establish facts and present the truth to the jury to decide further.
  • Negotiating claim with the insurance company – Your attorney will file a personal injury claim while confirming every aspect of insurance coverage. They will handle communication with the insurance companies so that they can present you with the best offer in terms of compensation.
  • File a lawsuit – In some cases, a personal injury lawsuit is the only way out. The litigation process could be long and confusing. The lawyers will handle the pleadings and communicate with you at every step. As such, you get the best shot on the court.


Following a catastrophic injury, you should take legal action at the earliest. Keep in mind that a serious personal injury resulting from a catastrophic accident could change your life forever. Even recovering from the situation will be difficult.

Reputed Decatur catastrophic injury attorneys will help you get the compensation that you deserve. Although the trauma of such an event would take a considerable amount of time to heal.

Still, the right compensation would help you with medical bills and other types of damages. The amount will help you ease pain and suffering, too. The attorney will handle every aspect of the case and focus on recovering the amount you need.


Who are the most experienced Decatur personal injury lawyers?

The most experienced Decatur personal injury attorneys are the individuals, such as Scholle Law, who have helped lots of their clients to win a legal fight and receive maximum compensation for their loss. They have the right resource and knowledge to make the at-fault party pay for their misconduct.

What sets an Atlanta Personal Injury Lawyer apart from other lawyers in Georgia?

An Atlanta Personal Injury Lawyer helps you win the case and obtain the necessary justice that you deserve. What sets them apart from the other lawyers in Georgia is their knowledge, experience, and skills to fight for their rights. They have an excellent track record and the testimonials show that.

How does filing a personal injury lawsuit work for Decatur clients?

Filing a personal injury lawsuit works in the favor of Decatur clients. For that, you need to hire a reputed Decatur catastrophic injury attorney. They will make sure that the case becomes strong and that you get maximum compensation.

Does a Free Case Review involve any risk to the client?

A free case review doesn’t involve any kind of risk to the client. Rather, the initial interview will help the clients realize whether the law firm can work on their behalf and win compensation. Similarly, the law firm will know if it can help you or not.

What kind of product liability cases has your firm handled in the past?

product liability book

  • Manufacturing defect – The case surrounds a defective product that doesn’t match the product’s design.
  • Defective design – The case revolves around the product’s design that creates risk without the expected benefits.
  • Defective marketing – The case involves the manufacturer’s negligence to provide warnings about the safe usage of the products.

How is trust developed between an attorney and their client during an attorney-client relationship?

The only way to develop trust between an attorney and the client is by being honest and upfront about the case. Communication is the key element in an attorney-client relationship. Being friendly and willing to answer each question makes the bond strong and the case becomes strong for the client.

Is it necessary to hire a lawyer if I am suffering from Traumatic Brain Injuries or Spinal Cord Injuries due to someone else’s negligence or misconduct?

Yes, it becomes a necessity to hire a reputed lawyer with vast experience in dealing with catastrophic injuries resulting from misconduct or someone’s negligence. Traumatic brain injury can lead to both short and long-term damage. Sometimes, the damages could be permanent. So, it is good to hire a professional that will help you get maximum compensation to pay for your loss.

Are there any risks associated with taking advantage of free legal consultations offered by attorneys in the Decatur area?

In general, there are no risks associated with lawyers when you consult them before hiring. Many lawyers offer a free consultation to clients living in Decatur. They will discuss your injuries and help you decide how you want to move forward with the claim.

How can I make sure that my rights will be protected when hiring a Decatur Catastrophic Injury Lawyer to represent me in court proceedings related to my case?

In the State of Georgia, when you hire a catastrophic injury lawyer to represent you in court, you will get the maximum amount as compensation to help you recover from the damages. The lawyer will collect evidence, witness testimony, and document everything that will make your case stronger. As such, the at-fault party will have to pay you for your losses.