4 Basic Types Of Car Accidents in Georgia

closeup of rear end car wreck, 4 Basic Types Of Car Accidents in Georgia

The national average of car accidents in the US comes down to about 6 million a year – that’s over 700 a minute. These auto accidents are of various types, and learning about such accidents can help you avoid them in the first place.

This article lists four of the most common type of collisions and what you can do to avoid falling prey to such an unfortunate tragedy.

Front-Impact Collisions

Front-impact collisions, also called head-on crashes are extremely dangerous and cause more fatalities than any other type of car accidents. Front impact collisions occur when the front of one vehicle hits another vehicle or another strong object such as a tree, a telephone pole, or the side of the road.

According to the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety, front impact collisions accounted for 54% of serious crashes in 2016.

The leading causes of front impact collisions are wet, icy, or other types of weather-affected roads which can cause hydroplaning and other problems while driving. When driving in adverse conditions, it is advised to remain sternly focused on the task at hand and drive slowly.

Furthermore, devices such as lane-keeping systems can also reduce your possibility of an accident significantly as they alert the driver when the vehicle wanders off-lane.

Side-Impact Collisions

Side-impact accidents, as the name implies, occur when a vehicle crashes at the side of another vehicle – forming a classic T shape. Due to the nature of the road, a side-impact collision occurs mostly at risky turns and intersections.  These are especially dangerous in truck accidents.

Side-impact collisions accounted for 25% of serious crashes in the US in 2016. One major reason is confusion between drivers as to which vehicle has the first right of way and consequently not slowing down.

Traffic experts advise practicing extra care and patience to avoid such collisions. Accelerating at yellow lights, ignoring your blind spot when switching lanes, and not being attentive to other drivers when changing lanes are major reasons for unexpected sideway collisions.

Rear-End Collisions

Rear-end collisions are the most commonly occurring accidents in the United States, constituting 29% of all accidents. Most motorists are prone to a vehicle crashing at the back of theirs on heavy commute roads such as highways and thoroughfares where a car has stopped at a light or slows down unexpectedly.

Major causes for rear accidents include aggressive and reckless driving and tailgating – that is failing to keep adequate space between you and the vehicle in front of you.

To avoid rear-end collisions, experts advise keeping a safe distance to avoid a crash when the driver ahead of you slows down unexpectedly. To avoid being on the receiving end of tailgaters, slow your vehicle down and move to the right lane if the lane is clear and let them pass.

Additionally, integrating forward-collision warning system can also help alert drivers to swerve away or brake before colliding with the vehicle in front. As per IIHS, widespread forward collision warning integration can reduce rear-impact accidents by 27%.

Parking Lot Collisions

You may have gone into the shopping mall or your local departmental store, only to return to a dented bumper in need of repairs. Collisions are all too common in busy parking lots – mostly occurring when a car is backing out of a parking spot or where multiple cars are moving in different directions.

Due to side by side parking lanes in parking lots, sighting the opposing vehicle can be a difficult task. The trick is to check your surroundings before hopping into your vehicle. If you’re willing to go the extra mile to save your vehicle, park at a spot farther away from other cars.

While some vehicles make use of a rear-view camera, the image screen can be distorted by high beams, sunlight, and the dark. It is advised to make use of the rear-view and side-view mirrors in addition to the camera to ensure you drive out of the parking lot scratchless.

Although, following these guidelines minimize the risk of an accident, unfortunately, there is no way to guarantee you will not be involved in a vehicle accident. Vehicle accidents can lead to personal injuries and if a collision occurs due to another driver’s negligence – you may be entitled to compensation.

Our Duluth personal injury attorneys offer a free consultation for accident victims to asses if you have a case and to further advocate for the rightful compensation you deserve.