What to Do if You’re in a Motorcycle Accident in Atlanta, GA

Every year, more than 80,000 Americans are injured in motorcycle accidents.

Thankfully, that number is down dramatically from back in 2016 when it eclipsed the 100,000 mark. But it’s still very high when you consider that motorcycles make up a tiny percentage of all the vehicles out on the road today.

If you’re ever in a motorcycle accident in Atlanta, there are some specific steps you’ll need to take. From evaluating yourself and others on the scene to getting in touch with an Atlanta motorcycle accident lawyer, you’ll need to make sure you take each step in a timely fashion.

In this article, we’re going to break down the steps that should be taken in the aftermath of a motorcycle accident in Atlanta. Find out what you’ll need to do below.

Check Yourself for Injuries

In the immediate aftermath of a motorcycle accident in Atlanta, you’re inevitably going to be shaken up. It’s why you should give yourself a few seconds to get your bearings.

From there, you should look over your body to see if you suffered a motorcycle accident injury or, worse, more than one of these injuries. If you suspect something might be wrong, you may want to stay put to avoid making a motorcycle accident injury worse than it already is.

See If Others Are Okay

In addition to checking yourself for injuries after a motorcycle accident in Atlanta, you’ll also want to check on others who were involved in it. If you’re okay to walk over to their vehicles, you should do it to see what their status is.

You’re going to need to call the cops at some point, and it’ll help you notify them of any motorcycle accident injuries that others may have sustained. It’ll ensure these people are able to get the medical attention they need ASAP.

Call the Police

While you’re checking on yourself and seeing how others involved in a motorcycle accident in Atlanta are holding up, you’ll need to simultaneously call the police. They’ll be able to send at least one or two officers out to the scene of your crash to investigate it further.

The police will also be able to determine who was at fault in your motorcycle accident. If you suffered injuries and someone else was to blame for your accident, you might be able to file a motorcycle accident claim and potentially put together a strong motorcycle accident case.

But it’ll all start with you contacting the police and having them come out to see what happened. They’ll speak with you and other drivers prior to creating a police report tied to your accident. You can obtain a copy of this police report later.

Flag Down Witnesses

Were there any witnesses who you think saw your motorcycle accident take place? If so, you should try to flag them down and ask if they can stick around to speak with the police.

The police will want to take statements from witnesses while investigating what happened during your crash. These statements from witnesses could play a key role in what the police are able to determine following their investigation.

You’ll want to be especially diligent about trying to track down witnesses who might bolster your Atlanta motorcycle accident case. Their statements could be the difference between you earning a victory in court and you walking away empty-handed.

Ask Others for Insurance Information

Any time you’re involved in any type of motor vehicle accident, you should always exchange auto insurance information with other drivers who were also in it. Your own auto insurance company will want to reach out to other insurance companies, and an Atlanta motorcycle accident lawyer will also want this information.

It’ll only take you a few minutes to get insurance information for other drivers. Make sure you don’t forget to do it.

Seek Medical Attention

There will be some instances in which you won’t really have a choice as to whether or not you’ll seek medical attention after a motorcycle accident in Atlanta. If, for example, you sustained a concussion or broke a bone during your accident, you’ll often be rushed right off to a hospital.

But if you don’t sustain a more serious injury like this, it’d still be a great idea to seek medical attention. It’ll give you a stronger leg to stand on in a legal sense if you plan on filing a motorcycle accident claim.

Almost all Atlanta and Decatur motorcycle accident lawyers are going to recommend you have a doctor check you out before you visit their office to discuss your motorcycle accident case.

Contact an Atlanta Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

If you were at fault for a motorcycle accident, most Atlanta and Decatur motorcycle accident lawyers aren’t going to be able to do much for you. But if someone else caused a motorcycle crash that led to you getting injured, you should look into speaking with one right away.

By talking to your lawyer after an Atlanta or Decatur motorcycle accident, you can find out how strong your case might be. You may be able to file a lawsuit and collect compensation to help pay your medical bills, motorcycle repair costs, and more.

You don’t have to allow an Atlanta or Decatur motorcycle accident to derail your life. You’ll learn all about what rights you have after talking to your lawyer.

Call Us Following a Motorcycle Accident in Atlanta or Decatur

Overcoming a motorcycle accident in Atlanta or a Decatur motorcycle accident can be challenging. You can, however, do it by talking to your lawyer about your situation.

Scholle Law can provide you with the legal representation you need within 24 hours in most cases. We’ll help you make a complete recovery by filing a motorcycle accident case on your behalf.

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