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Car Accidents

Car Accidents Cause Injury and Financial Upheaval Motor Vehicle Trial Lawyers - Top 25

Most metro residents do not consider the disruption a car accident can cause until they have experienced one themselves. Unfortunately, the consequences of a serious car accident can include catastrophic injuries including brain injuries, paralysis and even severe burns or most tragically, death. Car accidents are on the rise in many locations across Atlanta, known for its notoriously bad traffic. This notorious traffic has even spread to the suburban areas of Gwinnett County in cities like Lawrenceville and Suwanee. This is partially due to the fact that there are more and more distractions that make these accidents are an everyday day occurrence. Although laws have been enacted to help avoid car crashes, such as the new hands-free law in Georgia, drivers continue to drive distracted, aggressively and under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Whether you are injured by a driver who is using excessive speed or texting while driving, the Duluth car accident attorneys at Scholle Law are here to help you through the process of recovery and to move on in your life.

For over two decades, Scholle Law has proudly represented our clients in their serious car accident claims. We are dedicated to our work in injury law and to our clients whose lives have been disrupted by a car accident. The car accident lawyers in Duluth at Scholle Law represent clients in all types of car accidents regardless of cause. Whether your injuries are due to the negligence of another driver who has failed to yield your right of way in an intersection or has side-swiped your vehicle on a highway, your injuries can be shown to be the fault of the other driver.

As lawyers, we perform what is called discovery to find out the facts of your case. This might include such things as seeking relevant documents or deposing the other driver to determine whether they were on medication or otherwise impaired when the accident occurred. In a deposition, the witness is under oath and must answer truthfully. We can also determine whether the driver has had a history of accidents or has been involved in other car crashes that have caused injury. Often cases settle after some discovery has been initiated and the facts are piling up against the driver that caused your injury.

Car accidents vary in type and cause. Each accident is different and injuries while similar may also impact one person differently than another person. Some types of car accidents include:

Different Types of Car Accidents Injuries Resulting From Car Accidents

After a car accident, a Duluth car accident attorney at Scholle Law will help take the burden of the situation off your shoulders. Many car accident victims suffer both physical and emotional impacts from these accidents. The impact on your family finances can be impacted as well, as you may be out of work for a while and your health insurance may not fully cover your treatment and recovery. In severe injury cases, families may be dealing with the main earner in the family being out of work permanently with a lifelong disability. In the most tragic situations, a wrongful death of a loved one can result in a permanent loss of income.

The lawyers at Scholle Law will work closely with you and your family to get through these difficult times. We leave no stone unturned in terms of liability and holding those responsible for the injury or death in the family you might be facing. Injuries resulting from automobile accidents can include:

As noted above, the various types of injuries a victim suffers can depend on the type of auto accident in which one is involved.

How Insurance Companies Deal With Auto Accidents

Auto insurance is supposed to cover injuries victims sustain in auto accidents. We pay premiums for years in exchange for the confidence that we will be taken care of if something goes wrong. Unfortunately, some victims of auto accidents find out this isn't quite true. Excellent car accident lawyers in Duluth like Charles Scholle and the legal team at Scholle Law, negotiate with the insurance company to get our clients the best settlement possible and take the insurance company to court and trial if they refuse to play fair. We are fierce advocates and we will go to court on your behalf armed with all the facts that can result in monetary recovery for you.

Insurance is a business like any other, and insurance companies lose money when they pay high accident settlements. That means insurers routinely offer less than they believe accident claims are worth, relying on customers' lack of familiarity with the process to keep them from having to negotiate. And in some cases, particularly cases of severe injury, insurance companies do everything they can to avoid paying at all, even when their own contracts say they should. This situation victimizes hardworking families twice: first, through the accident itself; and second through the stress and strain of dealing with financial worries in addition to their injuries.

Fortunately, our laws protect victims of serious auto accidents caused by someone else's careless driving. Victims have the right to bring an action against the person or organization responsible for the accident and their resulting injuries. An insurance claim or lawsuit cannot undo the accident, but it can help victims secure the money they need to support themselves and their families while they heal and reestablish their lives.

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For over two decades, the Duluth car accident attorneys at Scholle Law have helped victims of serious injury and their families get the financial compensation to which they are legally entitled. Charles Scholle and his legal team, work to lift these burdens by communicating with insurance adjusters, helping clients to understand their case and working tirelessly to secure clients the best possible financial recovery.

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