Common Causes of Auto Accidents in Atlanta, GA

Learn the most common causes of car crashes and how you can avoid them

common causes of car accidents

Driving is a privilege that most of us enjoy. Along with the pleasure of driving comes great responsibility. Before you get behind the wheel in Atlanta, be aware of what causes the most common car accidents. Most importantly, learn what you can do to prevent them the next time you take to the road.

If you’ve already been in a car crash, contact an Atlanta auto accident lawyer to learn about your legal rights. We’ll make sure you aren’t taken advantage of by insurance adjusters.


Distracted driving pertains to activities drivers engage in like talking, texting and taking photos on a hand-held device. It also includes eating, applying cosmetics or changing the radio station. If you absolutely have to use a mobile device, make sure it is securely stationed. Grab a snack or apply lipstick before/after driving. Request that passengers wear headphones or ear-pods to avoid distractions caused by loud music and videos.


Faster speeds increase fatal collisions. Speeding makes coming to a complete stop, legal turns and avoiding pedestrians far more difficult to do. Drivers who speed take unnecessary risks like aggressively changing lanes and ignoring travel regulations. Always drive within recommended speed limits and adjust appropriately for current weather conditions.

Alcohol and drugs

Driving under the influence (DUI) is responsible for many fatalities in Atlanta. This includes prescriptions, over-the-counter drugs, alcohol and illegal street drugs. Drivers who are impaired are unable to think coherently, let alone drive safely. Driving while intoxicated (DWI) causes a driver to have slower reaction times, lose control of their vehicle and take dangerous risks. When out with others, choose a designated driver and get a ride home with a friend or rideshare service if out alone.

Reckless driving

In an attempt to get to their location faster, impatient drivers will often behave recklessly. This includes speeding, changing lanes without signaling and tailgating other vehicles. Aggressive and reckless driving can not only cause an accident, but can incur a hefty traffic fine as well.

Bad weather

Rain, snow and icy conditions call for slower speeds. This is true for all vehicles. Wet surfaces make it harder to stop quickly, while flooded roadways can cause a vehicle to hydroplane. Closely follow weather conditions and when in doubt, slow down or wait out a storm.

Running red lights

Running a red light or stop sign is dangerous to both other drivers and pedestrians. Slow down at yellow signals, yield signs and at intersections. Be prepared to stop for unexpected pedestrians and yield the right of way to others when necessary. Side impact crashes are commonly caused by drivers who don’t stop at stop signs or traffic lights before entering an intersection.

Teenagers behind the wheel

Young drivers who lack real world driving experience often violate the law. Worse, a teenage driver may have distracting friends as occupants in their vehicle. Monitor the driving habits of teen drivers in your family and, whenever possible, reinforce safe driving habits.

Driving at night

When a person has to drive after dark, they have to navigate road conditions that cannot be seen clearly or are not properly illuminated, especially on dark rural roads. Slow down when driving at night, even under optimum weather conditions. Make sure the headlights, fog lights and hazard lights on your vehicle are fully operational.

Defective vehicles and/or defective parts

Unfortunately, cars often have manufacturer defects or parts that get recalled. When an accident occurs due to a defective part such as brake failure, steering problems, a tire blowout or another issue, the manufacturer might be liable for the resulting accident. Recalls can be issued for anything from faulty ignition switches to defective airbags.

Contact an experienced Atlanta auto accident attorney

After an auto accident, consult a lawyer first before answering questions from any insurance adjuster. It doesn’t matter which driver is at fault, insurance companies only look to protect their own best interests. Consult a lawyer who is well-trained to handle the aftermath of auto accidents and the serious physical injury that can occur. A skilled attorney looks out for their client’s best interests to make sure physical injuries, vehicle damage and property damage issues are completely taken care of.

Atlanta drivers know that attorney Charles Scholle is experienced at handling car accidents and the legal rights of drivers. Take a moment to speak with Scholle Law by phone or via contact form to arrange for your free consultation. With personal injury legal representation on your side, you’ll be able to put that auto accident behind you and successfully get on with your life.

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