What To Know About Parking Lot Accidents in Atlanta, GA

How to file a report and receive compensation for a parking lot accident

Atlanta parking lot accident lawyer

Car accidents don’t always happen on roads, interstates and highways. Unfortunately, parking lots also offer ample opportunities for vehicles to collide. While the best policy is to always be watchful and to proceed carefully in parking lots, accidents do happen.

If you are involved in a parking lot collision in Atlanta, GA, the first step would be contacting a trustworthy car accident lawyer.

Common causes of parking lot accidents

Parking lot accidents are often caused when drivers travel at excessive speeds and when they have reduced visibility. A pedestrian, another vehicle or even a shopping cart may emerge at any moment. Therefore, it is important to travel slowly to allow for immediate stops.

A full parking lot presents multiple obstacles that can obstruct a driver’s view. You should always exercise caution and reduce speed when backing out of a parking space and turning corners.

Parking lot accident injuries

Despite the low speeds at which parking lot accidents typically happen, both parties may sustain injuries relatively easily. One of the most common injuries is whiplash, which occurs when the head is forced forward then quickly thrown backward upon impact. Whiplash may result in neck and back pain, pinched nerves and numbness or tingling in the extremities.

Other injuries include head injuries, broken bones, scrapes, bruises and back injuries. While these injuries are less likely to be life-threatening, they do typically require medical care following the collision.

Our Atlanta car crash lawyers can help you file a claim to receive compensation for your medical expenses after a parking lot accident.

Steps to take after a parking lot accident

Parking lot accidents do not differ greatly from other crashes and collisions on the road in terms of the procedures you should follow. In fact, due to the contained nature of most parking lots, it should be much easier to preserve the accident scene and wait for the police and emergency medical personnel to arrive.

Following the impact, you should stop your car and attempt to get the attention of the other party if their vehicle is still in motion. If you believe the other driver will not stop, quickly memorize and write down or take a photo of the vehicle’s license plate before it leaves the scene. Even in parking lot accidents, hit and run situations do happen. Because the vehicles typically must travel slower, there is a greater likelihood that you or someone else will be able to capture a photo or description of the other driver, their car and the vehicle’s license plate. Capturing this information will likely prove extremely helpful in tracking them down.

In most cases, the other party will stop, and you will be able to photograph both vehicles and exchange contact information. During this time, be careful to avoid making statements that may be interpreted as an admission of fault in the accident.

After requesting the other party to stop and, if necessary, notifying them that a collision has taken place, immediately call 911 to request a police officer and emergency medical personnel at the scene. You may not feel symptoms of injury at this point; however, accident victims often do not feel soreness until several hours to a full day later. You should also be checked for critical internal injuries that may otherwise be missed by a visual exam.

According to Georgia accident reporting laws, the police may or may not be reluctant to come to the scene if they perceive the accident to be minor. If this happens, do not fret. Proceed to request an ambulance for medical evaluation, and plan to call the non-emergency police department number or travel to the station to file an accident report. Be sure to photograph the accident scene, including possible visual obstructions, oil slicks, poorly-maintained pavement and any debris that came from either vehicle as a result of the collision.

Contact an experienced Atlanta parking lot accident lawyer

After requesting medical attention and exchanging contact information, your next call should be to an experienced Atlanta parking lot accident attorney. Scholle Law Firm offers seasoned representation in the area of Georgia automobile accident law.

If you are the victim of an Atlanta parking lot accident, we will help you thoroughly document your injuries and help you defend your rights. Contact us today to learn more about how we can do the heavy lifting at the negotiating table and, if necessary, in court while you simply focus on healing.

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