Tiger Woods Accident and the Seriousness of Car Crashes

blurred photo of police vehicles at night, Tiger Woods Accident and the Seriousness of Car Crashes

From time to time the Scholle Law takes the opportunity to comment on recent new events, some local and some national. In the news cycle at the time of this post is the recent and very serious car accident involving golf legend Tiger Woods. The incident occurred in Los Angeles, California on February 23, 2021. We have no connection to Mr. Woods other than our admiration for his skill as a golfer as exhibited numerous times including the 2018 Tour Championship in Atlanta and the many wins in Augusta that range from his first in 1997 to his most recent 2019 Masters Championship.

The purpose of this commentary on Mr. Woods’ accident is not to dissect the potential causes of the accident or to guess about why it happened. Besides being improper, there is no indication of any certain cause of the accident to even comment on at this time and no indication that he was negligent at all. No, the idea behind this post is to remind people (drivers young and old) of the potential for serious injuries whenever they get behind the wheel of a vehicle:

We wish to encourage all drivers to have a healthy respect for the potential dangerous associated with driving in Georgia (and everywhere else too).

Serious Car Accident Injuries with New “Safe” Cars

It is important that we never lose sight of the fact that motor vehicle accidents can result in life changing injuries. We must remember that even with advanced technology that makes vehicles easier to drive and supposedly safer, no car is accident or injury proof. Even the newest vehicles with the highest safety ratings cannot guarantee that a driver or passenger will be spared injuries in the event of a serious accident.

While the vehicle in Mr. Woods’ accident was seriously damaged from the rollover accident, the news reported that the vehicle’s cabin was relatively intact. Even though the vehicle’s cabin was not destroyed and Mr. Woods was thankfully spared from a fatal injury, he did suffer extensive injuries to his legs that required emergency surgery. In this case the vehicle may have performed as designed and it may have even saved his life.

However, even with a vehicle that did what is was supposed to do, very serious injuries occurred. This comment is not a slight against the vehicle but just a statement on the reality of car accident injuries. The bottom line on this issue is that drivers should never feel invincible and that all vehicles are absolutely vulnerable to serious damage and potential structural failures in the event of an accident. No one should ever feel that they are safe to make riskier driving decisions based on how nice or new their car is.

Again, that is not a statement on what caused Mr. Woods’ accident but a general statement that all drivers should consider.

Anyone Can Be Injured In a Car Accident

As injury lawyers that handle serious motor vehicle accident cases, sometimes our work subject matter may spill over to other parts of our lives. The writer of this article will tell you that he has lectured many friends and family members about the seriousness of car and truck accidents. Accident lawyers do this not for the purpose of scaring people but for the point of trying to make our roads safer.

Unfortunately, we are often tasked with seeing the result of bad accidents. We can tell you from experience that bad accidents do not discriminate against anyone. It does not matter about age, wealth, sex, religion, sexual orientation or any other demographic, accidents happen to everyone across the board. The Tiger Woods car accident case is a reminder of this.

Mr. Woods is an elite athlete with immeasurable wealth and resources. But all that does not matter when you are driving. When he got behind the wheel of the vehicle prior to his car accident, he got on the road with the same potential risks that apply to anyone that rides in a car.

Have a Healthy Respect For The Road

With technology and the information we have at our finger tips, there is an opportunity to forget that we cannot predict everything, including car accidents. This idea is not about distracted driving but it is the mindset that helps us let down our guard when the road is the last place you should do that. Nowhere in this topic is there a suggestion to drive with such a focus on safety that it would get in the way of daily life.

However, somewhere between there and not thinking about it lies a happy medium where there is a respect for the road, the rules of the road and safe driving. Having an appreciation for the risks associated with driving and navigating our Georgia highways and roads is something that we believe should be instilled in all drivers. This thought process would hopefully lead to more cautious drivers and maybe less accidents. While we know that the likelihood for a time with zero accidents is wishful thinking we will continue to do everything that we can to encourage safe and cautious driving.

Duluth Accident Lawyers Handling Serious Injury Cases

While this post was not related to something specific to Georgia, the spirit of the topic applies to drivers near and far. Additionally, we would like to wish Mr. Woods a speedy recovery and a hope that he can return to Georgia once again sometime in the very near future. Whether he plays in Atlanta or Augusta, the game is a lot more fun to watch when he is on the course.

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